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Wellness As a Business Strategy

U. S. health care costs have increased from $1, 100 per person in 1980 to $7, 900 in 2009. Currently $1.5 trillion, 75 percent of all health care spending, is devoted to treating chronic diseases which are often preventable. Ninety-nine percent of all Medicare dollars spent are linked to chronic disease. Obesity and complications (diabetes, cancer, and heart disease) are responsible for an estimated $147 billion a year. Health care reform must address coverage for all Americans while dramatically reducing costs. Failure to address the situation will prevent American companies from competing in the global marketplace, increase taxes, and undermine our economy.

Its Your Move

I discovered this great little game in college called Tetris (okay, I still play it today) and through countless hours of playing it; Ah... studying it, I have discovered a secret that has application to the way we develop business. Are you curious? You know you are, so here goes. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, let me give you an overview. The object is to complete a series of straight lines from a variety of shapes that fall from the top of the screen to the bottom and continue to do so, never allowing the shapes to accumulate in incomplete rows that fill to the top of the screen thus ending the game. The longer you can continue to build straight lines at the bottom, the longer you play and the more points you accumulate.

Eight Steps To The Next Level - The Business Plan, The Engine of Small Business Development

This is the second of a series of articles describing how small business owners and managers can drive their business growth and profitable development through the creation and implementation of a business plan. I know the prevailing view among many small business people is that "planning" is for the larger, more substantial business and "they are too busy running their business to have time for planning". Indeed, many small business owners are "too busy" running the business, but they ignore, at their own peril and survival, that "failing to plan is planning to fail." I am convinced that the small business owner will benefit from engaging in this business planning process because of the nature of carefully examining and thinking through the way their business competes and operates;

Traditional Farm Strategic Planning Never Works Out

Farm strategic planning, if it is to have the impact you seek, must be a continuous and never ending process. If you look to paid professionals for advice, you'll run out of money long before they run out of ideas to try next year. And if you try to become a strategic planning expert yourself, who's going to do the field work while you study an ever changing landscape? And yet, you must continually plan for the future strategically. What to do what to do? You are doing strategic planning already, from the point of view of production and farm management tactics. Rather it's operational and ownership transition related strategic planning that you probably aren't having much of.

The Long View

When casting their eyes upon the horizon that is their marketplace, a majority of CEOs and Business Owners in Northeastern Wisconsin look no farther than the nose on their face. When it comes to business, The Long View is considerably shorter these days... With all the economic indicators and gauges available on their corporate dashboard, CEOs up here on the Tundra seem more concerned with the Speedometer than that annoying, periodic Oil Change Idiot Light. They're barreling down the road faster than a 16-year-old with a new license and a hot date. They're living in The Now, right now! According to data collected last month by the Nicolet Bank Business Pulse, 77% of the CEOs and Business Owners in Northeastern Wisconsin use only glancing reliance on the economic data being "on starred" to their dashboards.

Procurement Sourcing Strategy - 12 Tests That Tell You When Your Sourcing Strategy is Complete

A Procurement Sourcing Strategy is a document that fulfills a number of purposes. For example, one purpose is to succinctly summarise the rationale and evidence for how business requirements will be met and savings made. Another purpose is to act as an internal sales document that gets senior management buy-in to the strategy. The more purposes your strategy needs to meet, the more difficult it is to decide that the strategy is complete and ready to be issued. So, here are 12 tests you can apply to see if your sourcing strategy is ready to be shared with others in your organisation. 1. Do you have a crisp, persuasive and comprehensive summary of the future sourcing strategy?

Strategic Planning - Critical to Many Areas of Business Success

Strategic planning is a part of your business that demands to be taken care of. Without an effective strategy or plan in place, your company will never become successful. It will always help if you have a clear goal in mind and then develop a path to reach that goal, at any rate necessary. Make sure that you do what is in the best interest of your business, because that's really all that matters in the long run. If you aren't sure where to start, you can find companies that will help you with the strategic planning that you need, no matter what that might be. Strategic planning is going to make all the difference in the success of your business, regardless of what type of assistance you need.

Pitching For New Business - Aristotle's Laws of Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the art of persuasive communication. According to Aristotle, three elements are required for effective rhetoric: ethos (your reputation), logos (the logic in your argument) and pathos (the emotion you elicit). All three are a vital triad when presenting for new business. Ethos: Your reputation Having ten slides on your wonderful company at the beginning of a presentation comes at a cost. Although it may illustrate your credentials, this is not what they're buying - they're buying you. You are not the company - you represent the company. We often proudly stand before a map of the world illustrating our global presence, as if that's some source of authority of our personal ability.

Strategic Thinking of Small and Medium Enterprise Owner

Owner of a small and medium Enterprise often give direct direction to their senior managers to carry out any operation issues. When their business start to grow, they find it difficult to cope with their time to deal with more important issues. When your business is small, you are able to handle all operation issues yourself. As a result, your managers look up upon your instructions before taking any action proactively. After a while, you manager starts to rely on you solely for problem solving and wait for instruction whenever a problem arise. As your business getting tougher with more challenges such as rising material cost, you will be too involved with these challenges as well.

The Myth of Multitasking - The Basis For Boundaries

Living near a small liberal arts college, I frequently see students with a cell phone glued to an ear or ear buds firmly in place or a laptop in tow and often it's a combination of those devices. Are they really that good at multitasking? Apparently not. Several studies over the past decade have indicated that people who multitask demonstrate poor memory and difficulty in switching from one task to another. Anyone who doesn't believe this should sign up for a webinar that includes not only slides and instruction but also a scrolling chat box and pop up real time surveys. I did this once and although it was technologically fascinating, I can neither tell you what the topic of the webinar was nor any of the content.

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