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What is Your Prospect's Profile? The Answer Will Explode Your Solo Business

Do you feel like your marketing is aimed at a moving target? That's the same way FBI profiler John Douglas felt when he was on the trail of an elusive suspect. He found the answer and nailed the guy. So can you. The good news is profiling your prospect is easier than you might think. First of all, your prospects are people with personalities, roles, and needs. We all have. Once you discover their place in these areas of life, you will have the key to connection with them like never before. You will speak their language. Use this approach to put a 3D persona to your still-faceless prospect. You can know who they are to the point that you will know what kind of magazines they read and what they prefer for breakfast.

For Business Success - Express Your Authentic Wildness

Do you think that there is one thing that you could do, that would fulfill you above all others? Is there a business that you were meant to build? What if the best way for you to make more money was also the best way for you to make a difference? I am convinced of your magnificence if you can only bring yourself to first discover your true calling and then create a business on that authentic foundation. Perhaps your most important task is to determine how to change what you believe. You do want to expand the possibilities regarding your ability, don't you? Why wait for anything when you could choose to live more fully now? If you aren't enjoying the work you were meant to do, then some part of you doesn't believe it's possible now.

Find Your True Calling by Changing Your Mind

We use our beliefs way past their expiration date. Your beliefs about careers, money and security may not be serving you well. Many of your beliefs were formed under the influence of cultural conditioning. These beliefs have squashed your natural authenticity and along with it your individuality. Most likely the change you want can be found by changing an existing belief or a mental model. But just sitting there thinking about it won't work for you. This definition of a miracle makes the most sense to me. A miracle is a change in perspective. That's why action works well. Action always changes perspective. Act on the changes that you can see now. But you don't always have to act to invoke a powerful change in perspective.

Become a Freelance Writer - Top 3 Tips to Really Earning Big As a Freelance Writer

People who set out to make a full-time income from freelance writing sooner or later become disappointed by the fact that there are just so many writers who are as talented as they are, many of whom are willing to work for dirt cheap prices. If you're a beginning freelance writer, what you want to do is to take your first baby steps in the right direction. Here are some tips on how you can earn big bucks from freelancing: 1. Save first before you go full time Freelance writing isn't for the faint-hearted, and neither is it for people who are just waiting for things to happen. Freelancing is a business and you could spend at least two hours of your day simply marketing yourself and your services (READ: finding writing jobs).

How Service Business Owners Can Reach Prospects Who Are Not Looking For Them

Independent professionals and service business owners often try to reach prospects by SEO techniques. The goal is to encourage people to find you in the search engines. But what do you do if the prospects are not looking for you? Many of your prospects will never think of going to Google or Yahoo to search for your service. They may not be familiar with those search engines services. In fact, they may not realize your service exists. For example, career changers often do not realize they can hire coaches and consultants who specialize in their particular challenges. They will never look for these services. To reach clients who are not looking for you, you need to be available so they stumble over you while they are looking for something else.

5 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter For Your Service Business

Independent professionals often realize they need a web designer and maybe an SEO specialist. But they often don't understand why a copywriter can be the most critical member of the team. Here are 7 reasons to consider hiring a copywriter. Reason #1: You want to grow your business. Your website, blog, social marketing posts and opt-in system are marketing tools. If they make your prospects yawn, you need to find a way to reach their emotions so they will be ready to take action. Reason #2: You want to save time. Writing a website can take 15-20 hours... maybe weeks when you are just starting on your first writing projects. Most independent professionals find they can use the time more effectively.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper can be a really good way to earn some extra cash, but you should know that there are a host of scam artists out there who have created schemes claiming to provide mystery shopping jobs, but never follow through. The scammers will all try to charge you for signing up (or for being allowed to have jobs awarded to you). Legitimate marketing research firms will never try to charge a fee to mystery shoppers, so keep this in mind as you look for this type of work. Just as a reality check, you should also realize that mystery shopping is not something that most people can earn a living off of. For the most part, people get into mystery shopping so they can earn some extra cash, or just to get some free meals or merchandise a few times a month.

Freelance Career - Are You Being Paid Your Worth?

A few years ago, not everyone had the option to work in the profession that they wanted to. Also, consulting or freelancing, as it is known now, was something that was unheard of. However, with the advent of the Internet, you can find any amount of freelance assignments that you need. The main problem is that most of these assignments are not worthy of your time - which is something that you might find out later in the day. Here are some tips to find out whether the project that you are taking is worth it, and whether you are being paid your true worth. Compare the project with your other projects: This is the best way to find out whether you are paid your worth.

Freelance Writing Opportunities - Where Can You Find Writing Jobs?

Are you a writer who wants to make a full-time income doing freelance work? If you were like me five years ago, then you're perhaps looking here and there to find freelance writing opportunities. If you were told in the beginning that finding writing jobs on the Internet is easy, it is. Just like programming jobs, there are many websites that act as a marketplace for employers and job seekers. GetAFreelancer and oDesk are just some of these websites. The only thing you really need to do is to set-up a profile with these sites, browse job postings and then submit your bid for the job (with a note on your price and writing experience). In the alternative, you can visit your local Craigslist and find job leads there.

Solo Entrepreneur - 5 Key Strategies to Selling Authentically

We have all had bad experiences with hard-selling sales tactics. It has left many of us feeling like "sales" and "sleaze" are almost the same thing! As entrepreneurs, we have to address this emotional baggage. We're in business to generate income. Income comes through sales of our products and services. So whether we like it or not, we have to find ways to promote and sell our goods with integrity. If you find yourself baulking at promoting and selling your goods, these 5 strategies will help. 1) Have confidence in your product If you're struggling to promote your product, the problem may lie in your confidence levels. If you don't believe in your product, why should anyone else?

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