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Sign Up With These Free Mystery Shopping Companies

I am now registered with over 40 reputable mystery shopping companies. Do you really need to sign up with so many? You don't have to. I like receiving as many available assignments as necessary. Some companies may only have one or two assignments in my area, some may have more. Since I registered with several, I receive a large amount of available assignment notices in my email box everyday. If you sign up with two or three great companies, you are off to a good start. You can always continue to add more companies, I still do.

Listed below are three mystery shopping companies that you can sign up with. Each one has a great reputation which means they have legit assignments and they pay on time.

1. Ath Power: I have worked with this company several times. They mostly offer bank mystery shops. You can expect to receive regular emails if you sign up with them. Their reports are fairly easy to complete, and I have never had any problems getting paid by them.

2. Confero: This is also a great company. If you are looking for movie theater mystery shops, then this is one to sign up with. They also offer banking, automotive, and restaurant shops. I receive emails about available shops from them daily.

3. Market Force: This company is well-known. They offer three portals to sign up with: a financial portal for bank shops, a retail portal which includes restaurants and gas stations, and a merchandising portal that offers movie theater and demo assignments. You can sign up with all three, or whatever ones you choose.

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