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Telemarketing Speaker Says Cold Calling Works It Doesn't Work!

A joke that physicists used to tell was that on certain days light acted like a particle and on others it behaved like a wave. Instead of proclaiming it one thing or the other, they straddled. Reminds me of what pundits say with equal vigor about cold calling, prospecting for business among strangers. Many swear by it, and others swear at it. Some say this practice doesn't work, and others say it does. How can that be? Can it be both ineffective and effective at the same time? Of course, just as some ballplayers swing at bad pitches and strike out more often than others. They can't blame the game of baseball for their inadequacies, though Yogi Berra once quipped that when he whiffed he blamed his bat.

Improving Contact Center Performance With Enabling Technologies

Increase revenues and develop your agents with proven "best practices" With a 10-year history of implementing technology solutions in hundreds of call centers, we have identified four (4) best practice initiatives that leverage technology to maximize revenue, agent performance and contact center efficiency. We anticipate you will find a suggestion in this article that will help you drive your contact center to new levels of success! Best Practice #1 - Move to a blended agent environment for maximum efficiency The most efficient call centers train their agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls. This allows supervisors to better balance staffing levels based on call volume.

Common Mistakes in Telesales

Sales training is an ongoing process not an end goal. It is only with constant reinforcement of the basics that success is achieved. Please take the time to run through some of these with your telesales team. It is a short list of some of the most common mistakes we have discovered when doing training. Realise that Telesales is not only a numbers game - it is a ratio game It might sound obvious, but there are many people who neglect this. As a simple exercise, ask any sales person how many deals they have done over a period; guaranteed they will give the answer in a flash. Ask them how many prospects they called to do those deals, and they will probably not have a clue.

How Can I Find Out More About an Annoying Telemarketers?

Unwanted calls are a plague that infects everyone who subscribes to a phone service. Whether the caller is a prankster, scam artists, legitimate telemarketer, or an annoying relative, there comes a time when you don't want to answer the phone when a certain number pops up on your caller ID. Although you may have to put up with incessant calls from a nosy family member, you certainly don't have to show this same courtesy to telemarketers or any other individual who doesn't seem to mind invading your privacy. Therefore, if the same telemarketer calls frequently, and they are not taking the hint that you want your number added to their do not call list, it's time to find out more about this solicitor or telemarketing firm.

How Do I Know When a Telemarketer is Breaking the Law?

Telemarketers have rules that they must follow if they would like to enjoy the freedom of calling phone consumers. However, not all telemarketing firms are interested in following regulations, and have no problem breaching the law, especially when they know that most telephone customers are not familiar with their own privacy rights, so they won't know when a telemarketer is breaking the rules. As a telephone consumer, it is your responsibility to know your rights and protect your privacy. There are services, such as the National Do Not Call Registry, which can help you reduce telemarketing calls and enable you to file complaints against telemarketers who break the law.

Can Telemarketers Call My Cell Phones?

You may be familiar with receiving telemarketing phone calls on your home phone, but if telemarketers are calling your cell phone, you may be wondering if this is allowed. The answer, strangely enough, is both "no", and sometimes "yes". In most cases, telemarketers who use autodialing devices are not permitted to contact your cellular phone, as wireless numbers are private and consumers of these phones are charged for incoming calls. However, if you have given a telemarketing company your authorization either directly or indirectly, they are allowed to call your mobile. How can you authorize a telemarketer to call your wireless phone? Have you ever signed up for a contest, prize, vacation, etc.

Selling and Telephone Conference Calls

For many of us in sales, it is an everyday occurrence to conduct sales meetings on a conference call with participants from multiple locations. While this can be a terrific way to communicate to multiple people in different locations, the call can be ruined by music on hold, shuffling papers, dogs barking, and background conversations. All this chatter devalues the message. Additionally, the host needs to manage the call and keep things on track by practicing some basic conference call etiquette. For the presenter, here are a few suggestions: - Introduce yourself. When you enter the conference call, introduce yourself, stating your name and location.

Deliver the Right Message to the Right Prospect

You have to get two basic steps right to successfully set a sales appointment. You have to call the right prospect and deliver the right message. Brilliant, huh? You might be surprised how difficult it is. Most business owners, big and small, Fortune 500 and entrepreneur, spend the majority of their energy calling the wrong prospects. People who will never do anything but waste the sales reps' time. This isn't an intentional strategy, but one born of poor planning and sometimes outdated management thinking. Any given company has prospects that fall into a scant few SIC codes or categories. A superior sales organization takes the time necessary to identify the prospect most likely to buy from them.

Warm Up For a Cold Call

Does the prospect of making a cold call give you the shivers? Worse, do all of your cold calls leave prospects unmoved? Make no mistake - cold calling is awfully difficult, and to do it well, takes a special kind of talent... or tricks, as we'll show you. Before the call But first things first. Most people try to do too much over the phone. Remember, the only objective of a cold call is to secure an appointment. Period. Do not expect to close a sale over the phone with a stranger who doesn't know you from Adam. A face to face meeting allows you the chance to be at your persuasive best, and that's what you should be gunning for. Most cold calls are interruptions, usually unwelcome.

Ten Telephone Taboos That Make Your Prospects Hang Up Immediately

We've all had it happen. We identified an excellent prospect for our product or service, did some background research, and even got a highly credible professional's agreement to use her name as a referral. We were confident, sensed a solid match, and yet before we finished our opening paragraph, the prospect hung up on us. The resulting dial tone jarred us severely. What went wrong? How could we avoid having this happen again? The solution: Be aware of the ten deadly openers that will practically guarantee a quick, abrupt end to your phone call: ONE: "I'm not calling to sell you anything, I just want to take a survey." "Oh, sure, " the listener thinks, "I've heard that pitch before.

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