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Call Fast and Adjust Fast, Advises Telemarketing Speaker Customer Service Speaker

I'm fond of fellow consultant Tom Peters' advice to businesses that want to build a better product, service, or simply to grow their client base. Peters advises aspirants to: "Fail fast, fail cheap, and to adjust" quickly. Especially, in a challenging economy these are sage words. More than ever, businesses need marketing methods that will quickly validate or invalidate their guesstimates regarding what customers want, need, and that for which they'll gladly pay value. When times were fatter, we had the luxury of engaging in prolonged market development and testing, before launching our initiatives. But that kind of process is costly, and by the time we reach the market with our innovations, especially because of the Internet, we could be too late.

B2B Telemarketing For Success

Telephone sales to businesses are becoming increasingly important. The stock market has risen and companies are seeing record profits while the consumer continues to struggle. As the advent of caller ID and do not call lists has slowed the growth of B2C telemarketing, telemarketing companies have turned to B2B, or business to business telemarketing. The focus on business is reshaping the telemarketing industry, and telemarketers are becoming more skilled at services such as appointment setting and business lead generation. Emerging market growth has brought down the price of telemarketing services by allowing companies in the developed world to outsource their appointment setting and lead generation services to countries such as India and the Philippines.

Mining the Gold in Your Customer Database

Have you ever stopped to consider the wealth of hidden revenue potential that may lie buried in your customer database? The resident data could be worth a small fortune in the way of untapped possibilities. This article lists various ways that you and your company can utilize this precious resource more effectively to probe your customers' real wishes and concerns. Past purchasers and current prospects in your database represent potentially warm to very warm leads for future business -- unlike people you contact via cold calls, who have no relationship with you at all. So if your organization is not making every effort to up-sell, cross-sell, pamper, placate, or otherwise retain previous buyers and prospects, think of the revenue it may be forfeiting!

Top Tips on Finding a Telecommuting Opportunity Today

My first step into the work-at-home world was as a data extractor for a company in my local area. Believe it or not, I found that job in the Classified Ads section of the newspaper. That, however, was ten years ago. Alot has changed in the last ten years - the internet alone has grown by leaps and bounds. So, what are some of the best ways for people in today's market to find a telecommuting opportunity? Classified Ads One good thing about the technology available to us today is that most Classified Ads are now not only listed in print newspapers, but online as well. Take a look through these to see if there are businesses in your area looking for local at-home workers.

Inbound Vs Outbound Telemarketing Services

Technology has changed the way companies do business. Companies can now easily reach consumers by launching targeted online pay per click campaigns and market via social media. While this hands off approach has helped business become more efficient, outbound telemarketing continues to be a great way to reach prospects and get them to take action. Business process outsourcing services have been a direct beneficiary of technology. BPO call centers have grown across the globe as a means to provide affordable services to companies in locations where labor is expensive. Savvy business owners can harness this new technology and continue the tried and true practice of generating sales through outbound telemarketing.

Telemarketing Speaker Cites One of the Silliest Sales Questions Ever Asked

I was just reading one of the heroes of selling, a celebrated author and speaker that probably fitted Socrates with his first sandals. When discussing the challenge of dealing with secretarial screening, he advises asking: "When is a good time to CATCH him?" I laughed out loud, not because I've never heard this question. It's ages old. I bellowed because it simply reinforces the idea that we're playing PHONE-TAG, pursuing a fellow gamesman whose number one goal is to escape. You only have to CATCH someone who is (rightfully?) eluding you. Is this the imagery we want to reinforce? I don't think so! What could we substitute for that dysfunctional word? "When is a good time to COORDINATE with him?

Using a Toll Free Phone Number to Increase Sales

Some people say that success in life comes more from presentation and showmanship than it does from substance. These words may be particularly true for the way in which a company presents itself to the public. One of the best ways a company can do this is with a toll free phone number. And because the cost of having an 800 number has become affordable for even the smallest of businesses, it makes more sense in today's world than it did a few years ago. Especially since by simply integrating the toll free phone number, you can increase sales. While there is more than one good reason to obtain a toll free phone number, perhaps one of the best is that it validates a business.

Teleworking Advantages - How Teleworking Can Benefit Your Business

Companies or businesses that use extranet or intranet services, may enable their employees to access their offices from home by using VoIP technology. This is the concept of teleworking whereby employees are able to convert their homes into a segment of their office and remotely use data, fax or voice services of their workplaces via the organization's intranet. This enables office work to be done at a distance from where the work results are required or where the work would ordinarily have been done, by the application of information and communications technologies (ICTs). Methods of Teleworking 1. Telecommuting - Whereby an employee or contractor works from home instead of travelling to an employer's or a customer's premises.

The Green is in the Phone - Start Calling

No matter what stage you are in with your business, there is always a balance between cash flow generating activities and planting seeds for future sales. If you are struggling to pay the rent every month, the majority of your focus must be on cash flow generating actions. Generating cash flow can be as easy as giving talks in your community. Getting clients by giving talks can be the easiest, least expensive marketing strategy you employ. If you have a fear of speaking or are new at it, start with your local library, Kiwanis or Rotary Club. These venues are pretty easy audiences and are also not usually very large. You can also try out new talks there.

The Top 10 Ways to Follow Up and Stay in Touch With Clients Without Being a Pest

As a telesales rep you ever get that vague and uneasy feeling that you're being an annoying pest by calling your clients too often? There is no question that in these tough economic times it's important to stay front and center but incessant telephone follow up is not the answer. It is important to balance the nature of your contacts by doing two things. First, mix your media. Use e-mail, direct mail, fax and dimensional mailers to get through the clutter that bombards your client's desk. Use them to create a sense of value and worth with each and every day. Second, mix your messages. Do not always call or send business related materials. While special offers, sales and other company literature can create value at a business level make sure you do not forget the personal side of the equation.

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