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5 Ways to Overcome the Let Me Think About it Objection

What would telephone selling be like without a daily dose of "Let me think about it?" Probably much easier and much less frustrating. But since the objection is not going to go away any time soon perhaps now is a good time to look at some ways to tackle it. Is it Real? When a prospect says "let me think about it", is he telling the truth?Some prospects toss out this classic objection because they simply want to get rid of you. They say it, not because they mean it, but because it is a polite method of getting you off the line. The trouble is, if you are not savvy to this brush off, you can waste a lot of time and energy following up with e-mails and phone calls.

Telemarketing Lists Give Your Profits a Boost, Even in a Recession

With the unemployment rate above 10% and new home sales dropping, it looks like the economy is heading for even more challenging times. At the beginning of 2010, Paul Krugman, a Nobel prize winning economist, said that there's a thirty to forty percent chance that the economy will dip into a recession come the second half of the year. Many other economists believe that if the US is not in a full blown recession, a slowdown is pretty much inevitable. The big question is, "What are you going to do about it?" If you're a business owner your company will have to make money through good times or bad. Otherwise it will be just a footnote in history. Because business budgets are tight, now may not be the time to experiment with the newest fad on the horizon.

Telemarketing Schemes

Most members of our tech-savvy society are familiar with the idea of fraudulent internet practices. However, as our dependency on home phone lines decreases and we increasingly rely on the internet and on personal cell phones, people today may not be too familiar with the forerunner to internet scams: telemarketing schemes. A telemarketing scheme is a type of fraudulent behavior in which a caller contacts victims and attempts to get them to send money to a cause or subscribe to some purpose. Instead of using these funds in the way they were intended, the participants in the scheme take the victim's money and use it for fraudulent purposes or in another illegal way.

5 Steps to Crystal Clear Communication, Says Top Customer Service Speaker Telemarketing Speaker

Cato the Elder used to punctuate every speech to the ancient Roman Senate with the battle cry: "Carthage must be destroyed! " At long last his unrelenting injunctions became policy and the Roman legions marched on Carthage. Cato "won" because he did 5 simple things: (1) He decided upon a concrete objective. (2) He formulated a crystal clear communication to share his message. (3) He aimed his crystal clear communication at folks that could do exactly that for which he was calling. (4) He appended this crystal clear communication to every larger message he conveyed, to all of his speeches, and I presume, conversations. (5) He repeated his crystal clear communication, without fail, never questioning its merit.

Response Handling For DRTV

Direct response television is a big deal at the moment, anyone who has turned on a TV recently has seen countless insurance adverts, gold selling adverts and small claims adverts. Direct response television is a great way of marketing your product and attracting new customers. Seconds after the ad has been seen the phone is ringing with a customer calling in response to it. The important thing is how you respond to the call. First of all, a good idea is to set a framework for the team. This means letting them know clearly and concisely what the objectives are and how they should go about them. The objectives should cover targets, reporting requirements, training dates and service level agreements.

Secrets of Cold Calling - How to Get Past the Gatekeeper and Find the Decision Maker

Are you afraid of cold calling? I don't blame you. I used to hate it. I could rarely get past the gatekeeper. And when I did, it was usually straight to voice mail. Often, the person you want to target has instructed the receptionist to screen all calls. And that gatekeeper knows if the wrong call gets through, the boss is unhappy. He or she gets really good at sniffing out sales calls. So most of my efforts were wasted. Until I discovered some little known tricks that make success easy. Adapt the following techniques to your own line of work to find the decision maker for any company you are trying to target. Here's What I Do I'm a freelance copywriter. The job titles of the folks who hire me are typically something like creative director, marketing manager, or corporate communications manager.

Call-Center Interview Questions and Tips

Have an upcoming call center interview? The industry is booming in the country, and more and more people are looking for interview tips because of the attractive pay of the job. If you're also planning to start a career at a call center company, these tips for interview can help you get a second call or even get a job offer right on the spot. Question 1: What do you know about the call center industry? One of the most basic questions during an interview is whether you know enough about the position you're applying for or the industry that you're trying to get into. This way, as early as during the first job interview, the employer will know whether you are are competent enough or you will have to undergo an extensive training.

Mistakes - Tips on Using Names

Dale Carnegie said that the sweetest sound a person can hear is his own name. True, for the most part--when used appropriately by the right person at the right time. Conversely, in some cases, a person's name can be a turn off. At the grocery store I frequent, the check-out personnel are apparently instructed to call customers by name when they read them on the credit or debit card receipts. Nice intention, bad execution. Maybe once out of 100 trips the person has gotten close to saying mine correctly. It's actually quite comical how they struggle, then butcher it. And it still floors me, the ignorance of many people when hearing a difficult or unusual name on phone calls.

Telemarketing Rip-Offs

It seems like scams are the new way of making illegitimate money. The target isn't just grandma and her retirement fund anymore. Its anyone who is willing to think they have a "free gift" coming if they buy, or that it's an investment, or maybe that there's a low cost vacation that you have been "hand-picked" to go on. Whatever the case may be, scams are a huge problem. So how do you protect yourself? Well, stay informed of the scamming techniques and know the law. We'll skip to the latter. It is actually illegal for you to receive calls before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M. Telemarketers cannot misrepresent any information, including facts about their goods or services, the earnings potential, profitability, or risk of an investment, or the nature of a prize in a prize-promotion scheme.

Providing Value With Your Teleseminar!

No matter how quick witted you think you are, being organized on a teleseminar is the only thing that may save your bacon. You can not talk your way into major sales on a teleseminar with out presenting your information in a logical and organized fashion. In addition to being organized, here are a few other qualities that you must cultivate to a be a successful teleseminar host. Build authority with a third party endorsement from a guest speaker! Having a guest speaker on your teleseminar with you will help establish your professional credentials and establish your authority in your niche. If you simply conducted your teleseminar by yourself, you could not possibly validate your own knowledge or experience as well as another party or person could.

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