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Get Back to the Sales Training Basics - Decrease Ramp-up Time and Improve Consistency With Veterans

A recent study shows that it takes, on average, a minimum of 3-months for a new salesperson to ramp up. And, more than 40% of companies surveyed said it took over 7 months for a new salesperson to produce at the level of their predecessor. While this has improved from years past, it is still a costly situation for the sales managers and marketing teams who support them-not to mention a HUGE frustration to your new employee. Unfortunately, this is a cost we bring on ourselves. We have the best intentions when we hire someone new. We plan on taking the time to train them and ease them in during their first two weeks. And, then reality hits. The reality of our already overflowing schedule and a pipeline that is drying up.

Sales Force Management

With an intense pressure to increase revenue, cut cost and improve sales forecast, companies are demanding that their sales force generates more and more revenue, more and bigger global account and more "A" grade clients for which they require effective Sales Force Management Techniques and Strategy to achieve sales targets and aligning the sales force with the organizational objectives. The various sales force task involves prospecting, communication, selling, servicing and market feedback. Highly motivated and effectively managed sales force can do wonders for the business growth, profitability and make all the difference between success and failure.

Preparing For Your First Dollar Store Business Merchandise Order - Part 2

This is part 2 of a two part article series on preparing your first merchandise order prior to opening your dollar store business. In part 1 we covered locating suppliers and completing the paperwork and other processes to actually complete your first order with suppliers of interest. In this article by-department orders will be covered. Since the needs of every department are different, a summary of general requirements will be included. The departments that are always of concern when it comes to merchandise ordering include health and beauty, food and snacks, household cleaners and paper goods. The next tier of departments include toys, stationary, party, and kitchen.

Lead Nurturing - The Secret to More Sales

Sales leads are generated in a variety of ways, from a myriad of places. Naturally this diversity is going to create a healthy mix of customers with different buying profiles. Some are ready to buy, some are researching, and some are not sure how they got in your sales pipeline. Each of these potential buyers need a unique sales experience to convert. Lead nurturing is that secret experience creator. Sales Pipelines are Diverse Sales pipelines, as linear one way processes, is one of the biggest mistakes of sales organizations and sales professionals. Customers are diverse and dynamic. This fact shows up most clearly in our sales pipelines--unfortunately, often in the form of sales lead fall-out.

Top Salespeople Secret 5 During a Down Economy - Treat Yourself

I've been listening to one of my favorite coaches at blogtalkradio, Dave Buck, and his first question is still lingering on my mind. He asked, "Do you really think it's all about producing or working while under stress? If we are tired of producing and consuming under stress, what is next?" Well, if a recession is on the way, it's just in time isn't? Producing, and even consuming, is about inspired action. You add value to what you sell only when you act and behave in an inspired way. If you act and behave with tension, doubt and fears, you'll get similar results. So, treat yourself to some time off. Hey, don't tell me you can't. Don't make excuses.

Lead Capture - A Dangerous Moment in Your Sales Process

That priceless moment when a client, or relationship, or direct customer inquiry gives you a lead is perhaps the most dangerous moment in your sales process. So often leads are lost or misplaced. They fade away without even an initial follow-up. Why? Because we lack focus on our lead capture processes. Getting the Lead Stop for a moment and figure out how you capture leads. Probably a myriad of business cards and sticky notes. If you are lucky they are still sitting around, but chances are they have long since been whisked into a arbitrary drawer or worse the trash can. This is a critical moment to manage for sales success. And it is not that hard. There are only a few communication channels that produce a lead--word of mouth, telephone, email, Web.

Lead Management - The Sales Silver Bullet

We're always looking for some magic to make sales drop into our laps. I am here to reveal the silver bullet--it's lead management. Marketing folks have been using similar concepts for years. If you stay top of mine and you continually reinforce your emotional value message customers will respond. Sales management is your tool to produce the same effect. Let's explore how it works. Managing Sales The key to any sales force automation software or system is centralizing the management of you prospects and automating sales activities when possible. Effectively creating sales force automation can be broken down into six basic parts: customer capture, priority, distribution, nurturing, tracking, and analysis.

Internet Lead Generation Sales Plan

Are you considering buying or generating Internet leads for your business? The strategy is a good one, but it requires good business planning like any other new initiative. This is not a game that discriminates based on size or product. So, if you are a bank, mortgage broker, recruiter, student counselor, or small business owner there is opportunity here. Just make a good Internet lead generation sales plan. Why Internet Lead Generation? The numbers speak for themselves. Your customers are going to the Internet first and abandoning traditional means of finding products and service providers. Industry reports show that 75% of buyers begin their purchases online and 39% of advertisers are shifting their budgets to the Internet.

Lead Tracking - Keeping a Pulse on Your Sales Pipeline

There is no magic metric--let's start with the obvious. However, tracking is important to reveal opportunity and catastrophe. The better your tracking, meaning minimal data entry by sales and consistency in sales processes, the quicker you are able to blow up successes and cut-off train wrecks. No Magic Metrics There is certainly no perfect measurement for lead or sales performance. There is even less hope for the one number that tells the whole sales story. However, there is a right way to track, measure, and analysis leads. It starts with business objectives and ends with producing good data. Starts with Goals Business objectives and goals for your sales teams are the keystone to any businesses success.

Your Salesman Over Promised - Now What?

It's every employer's nightmare when the salesman over-sells. Doing what ever it takes to close the deal the salesman over-promises manufacturing lead time, shipping schedules, quality specifications, or special pricing. These are serious matters that can put you in a very comprising situation. Does the salesman do it to make his month, get the bonus, keep from getting fired due to low figures, or is he cashing in before he bolts to another company? What if you don't find out for weeks, or even months? Who is responsible for the blunder, bragging, boasting, and exaggerations? In a word, you are. It's your company and the salesman works for you directly or indirectly.

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