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Sales Force Optimization - Attracting Retaining an Effective Sales Force

In my last article, we looked at the all too common disconnect between sales team behavior and the expectations of corporate leadership. This time, we'll look at how to attract a quality sales team in the first place and equally important - motivating and retaining them. The knee-jerk answer regarding how to attract sales talent is "offer them a bucketful of money". While this is in part true, it falls far short of a complete answer. It must be emphasized, that a well constructed compensation plan will go a long way towards attracting energetic sales people. Clearly, money is a motivator, but as we all lean either formally or via trial and error, money is not a satisfier.

What Makes Your Business Fit the Mold of a CRM Customer?

No matter the industry, the ultimate goal of any business is to build their profit margin. In business today, there are a plethora of tools that are available to streamline office management and enhance your bottom line. Marketing tools, sales tracking, and database management systems exist for the sole purpose of allowing your business to understand what processes are working, and which are not. Customer Relationship Management, CRM, systems offer a combination of marketing, sales tracking and database management in one streamlined solution for your business, but how do you know if a CRM system would benefit your company? The following criteria fit every CRM customer: Does your business use any form of marketing tools to let clients know about your products, services, news, or enhancements?

Sales Force Optimization - Expectations Metrics

Throughout my long consulting career, I've never ceased to be amazed when I hear a company chief executive or head of Sales exclaim "I don't understand why those sales people act the way they do. We tell them to do one thing and they do the opposite. They just don't get it. Do I have to fire them all?! ", or something to this affect. The real issue more than likely has less to do with the sales team than with the senior leadership. Entrepreneurs and senior executives are usually so consumed with wearing multiple hats and the complexities of keeping the ship afloat, that they often temporarily forget the basic blocking and tackling of sales force optimization.

4 Selling Tips That Will Help Acclimate Your Sales Staff to High Level Closing

A few months back, I meet a young man who had been to the summit of Mount Everest. Now, not being much of a climber myself, I had largely expected him to go on and on with some tired phrases about "reaching the summit, " "being motivated with the team, " and so on. But, much to my surprise, he didn't dwell on any of these things. Instead, he made the simple point that climbing a big mountain is really hard. It's so hard, in fact, that you can't really do it all at once. A successful summit isn't a walk up the hill - it's the last in a series of successive trips up and down the side. One of the key themes he discussed was acclimatizing. There's actually a lot of medical science to the concept, but what it really comes down to is the reality that the human body isn't designed for the kinds of environments one finds right around 29, 000 feet.

Business Foresight - Twenty Ten Vision For 2010

Twenty-ten... am I the only one struggling with years starting in 'twenty'? Yet the 1900's really does sound like last century now, doesn't it? Remember last century? That was when most of the sales and leadership models we still use were invented - for a different time... a different place... and a very different pace. 20/10 is also a measure of vision. It is based on the more familiar term 20-20 vision which describes 'normal' vision; that is, a person standing 20 feet from an eye-chart can see what the person with 'normal' vision can see at that distance. Someone with worse than 'normal' eyesight might have 20/40 vision (they can see at 20 feet what 'normal' eyesight can see at 40 feet).

Why Values Are Your Best Client Engagement Process

For some people who are truly in touch with their values, they can become conscious motivators. Knowing your values well can assist you to direct your actions, based on your values. This can lead to an understanding of your purpose in life, a very powerful motivation. For most of us, our actions can sometimes create conflict with our values. That is why so many of us waste so much emotional energy, what we try to do is in conflict with what we believe is right. Have you had that conversation with yourself recently? Is that what kept you up at night and who won? So we know our values guide us, guess what they also guide our clients and that is a great conversation for you to have.

Project Proposal Writing

Project Proposal Writing describes a plan needed for action such as: marketing a product, developing a curriculum, streaming a production process and meeting a financial goal for non-profit agency. Project proposal is used to obtain a federal grant or to convince board of directors to fund a new initiative. Project proposal is also consist of different sections that include an executive summary, a description of goal or problem, the history or the background of the existing conditions and a research view. Having 100% of project proposals accepted usually means that a developer has had very few clients in the past. Low percentage rates means that proposals are being sent to people who didn't ask or the proposal writer simply needs a new project proposal in the right direction.

Writing Proposals

In writing a good proposal it is always good that you put your consumer and clients in mind first. Presenting your business ideas and creativities in a proper manner not only gives out your understanding of your vision and mission. A good proposal also includes the wordings of your ideas that can convince your potential costumer. The main expectation of a business is to voice out what their business needs and what is included in the services of their products. If there will be an agreement between the two parties involved this will also be included in the written proposal. When you have a good written proposal and you understand how to write a good one can help you lead to the construction of patent agreement between your business and potential customer.

Why Do Sales People Waste 63 of Their Time?

I'll give you a hint: It's not their fault. CSO Insights conducted a study of 1800 sales executives and found that sales people only spend 37% of their time selling. Can you believe that? I can. The sales process is designed with sequential steps that, if followed, should lead to qualification of an opportunity either "in" or "out". If qualified "in" the next steps should lead to the sale. The sales person should have multiple deals working at the same time each following the steps of the sales process. That sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Sales people rely on the support of their entire organization to allow them to achieve the customer satisfaction that will ultimately result in the 'sale'.

Converting Your Current CRM Solution to SalesForce

Customer Relationship Management software, such as SalesForce, has proven to be an invaluable asset to many companies. This technology focuses on managing customer relations through the ability to organize, automate, and integrate business functions from sales, marketing, customer service, to technical support. The overall goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction to retain clients and attract new business, all while reducing the cost of providing such services. It should come as no surprise that such a powerful tool would come with a significant investment to set up, implement, and use. Whether a company was first instituting a CRM program, or upgrading to a new system, getting past the barriers to entry at a lower cost makes CRM programs create a return in investment much more quickly.

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