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Practical Five S and Kaizen

Five "S" is a Japanese Concept of maintaining a Workplace or Office or house neat and tidy always. It consist of Five Japanese words starting with the English Alphabet "S". Japanese take this Five "S" as foundation over which all other concepts are implemented. Five "S" reduces searching time, delay and rework.

Now we will see the words and its equivalent English meaning.

1. SEIRI - SORT OUT - Segregate Unwanted items from wanted items.
2. SEITON - MAINTAIN - Keep the wanted items in an orderly manner
3. SEISO - CLEAN UP - Have your surrounding clean
4. SEIKETSU - STANDARDISE - Create standards and implement it
5. SHITSUKE - FOLLOW UP - Have periodical Audits, Training and Improvement Actions.

By Five "S" No doubt our productivity improves but also fatigue is reduced for employees and in turn improves there marale.

Let us Try Five "S" in our house first. Let us train our family members first. Five S is the foundation for all the Japanese management Techniques. Kaizen is small but continuous improvement in all areas. By merging Five S and kaizen we may end up in an excellent working atmosphere and Growth of the company is assured.

Through this forum I request visitors to post their feedback and success stories related to Five S and Kaizen techniques so that all users will be benefited!

The above techniques are easy to implement and the Author will be more delighted to provide free advice regarding any doubts while implementing them in your home or office.

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