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Why Buy a Press Release?

If your business depends on widespread public attention, whether that is because it operates on the Internet or because it needs an extensive customer base, using a press release service can benefit you. A press release is a written announcement to selected members of the press that is designed to make the happenings of your business appear newsworthy. A successful release leads to mentions of your company in media publications. You may be wondering how it could possibly help your company to spend money on a piece of writing that cannot be sold or directly used in any other way to make that money back, so the following paragraphs will give you information to help you understand how buying a press release can help your business.

How to Increase Awareness With a Strong PR Program!

Press releases are the backbone of public relations because they are highly informational and tell an ongoing story of the organization's progress (or lack thereof). Press releases work best, and are published more often, when they are factual instead of sales-oriented, and concise instead of wordy. Make sure to optimize your releases for search engines by including keyword rich content and links back to your Website. Remember that press releases are also referred to as news releases for a reason - they are supposed to be about news. Examples of legitimate topics for press releases: Launch of a new product or upgrade to a new version. Compelling story about a customer buying or using your products or services.

My Public Relations and Crisis Communications Advice to Tiger Woods

Within hours after Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant then a tree early last November 28, contradictory details of Tiger's and his wife Elin Nordegren's account of the accident started trickling in. Soon the trickle became a steady stream that grew and grew until it washed away Tiger's entire story along with his upstanding, good-guy image and, apparently, his marriage. From what we've learned since that morning, Tiger's public persona as an honorable husband and family man was merely a facade that collapsed shortly after Elin shattered the Escalade's back window with a golf club. As a public relations professional, I have advised many corporate clients as to how they should handle communications during times of trouble.

Top Tips on How to Write a Press Release

The trouble with online writing services is that few of the writers are trained in their fields. This is as true for releases as anything else. Press releases, as a document, have a highly specific format and content guidelines. I could add here that very few people bother to even find the right format when trying to write them. Google for "PR writing", and you will land up with a host of articles that are... articles. Not press releases. The format for a release is as follows: Details of release. In bold letters, the words "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" or "HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL MM/DD/YYYY" should be the first thing a reader sees. Headline. The headline should be short, under 15 words.

Anatomy of an Online Press Release - An Old Trick Made New

I was a publicist in the 80s and made a living writing press releases and "flacking the hacks." For more than a decade now, my business is promoting client sites in the organic results of search engines. Until now, on site optimization and creative link trades have been the main staple of my SEO. I had read about press releases being used as part of an overall search engine campaign, but I hadn't really had a good reason to do one. But now I find myself with a client who has an item that's truly newsworthy -- Realtor Rudy Molinet has developed an iPhone app for Key West Real Estate. So, I am about to learn an old trick in a new way. I've written the release (my experience with public relations and my current SEO copywriting came in handy) and the next step was to research the platform to use for the release and when to time the release.

Public Relations Marketing Can Help Building Contractors

Public relations and marketing can go hand-in-hand. Without the knowledge and support of many people, a business might go nowhere. While there are many ways to market a company, some types of businesses really rely on public relations and the reactions they get from their potential customers. Building contractors fall into this category. They can advertise and market their services through various outlets such as social networking sites, video streaming sites, television commercials, newspaper ads, etc. but one of the most important outlets is through people themselves. When building contractors can appeal to their intended audience and prove to them that their satisfaction is looked for, they might be received much differently and maybe this would help increase the number of sales in general.

What's the Purpose of a Press Release? Written For the Newbie

The topic of discussion at a recent company meeting was that of Press Releases: What is the true purpose of a Press Release? This was a question posed by all skill levels. Similar to the meeting, let's not waste any time and dive right into it then, shall we? The basic purpose of a Press Release is a communication to the media (in any form these days - online, newspapers, magazines, etc) that is focused towards attracting favorable attention from a general audience to the arrival or release of an event/person/product. Press Releases are used for many purposes such as announcements of accomplishments, promotions of events/people, etc. They are supplied to media outlets for one simple reason - EXPOSURE!

The Art of Business Card Distribution

The business card (an important part of our personal and professional image) is one of the most common forms of self-promotion. Over 30 million are exchanged every day. A simple way to polish our professional presence is to master the art of business card distribution/etiquette. Here are a few quick tips: 1. Always have business cards with you - never leave home without them. Tuck several in your wallet, purse, coat pocket, suit jacket, and briefcase. 2. Your card should always be printed on excellent card stock with a design that projects your professional image. I recommend choosing a card stock that can be written on with a pen so that new acquaintances can take notes on your card regarding your conversation.

Catering Hire Will Often Determine How Successful Your Event Is

Catering hire companies can provide a unique range of tasteful, stylish, contemporary and traditional ranges of tableware to suit your individual needs, whether you are celebrating an anniversary, holding a grand ball or throwing a party. They are a great way to impress your guests and create the perfect look for that perfect wedding day, which would really help you get the right image for you and your business. With their knowledge and expertise, these suppliers can provide what really matters for your special event as well as for your business. These items would also provide an affordable way to target your valued clients and are quite useful and profitable too.

New Social Trends Have Changed the Way Businesses Approach Reputation Management

In recent years popular search engines have focused more on blogs and user generated comments as feedback on a variety of subjects. Potential customers are also looking more to the feedback from their peers. Companies who are surviving these new trends have enlisted the help of reputation management strategies. Reputation teams, also known as search engine optimizers, serf Internet sites using different keywords to examine the most recent comments made about a company or individual. The SEO team will work to improve negative feedback with positive feedback. Negative comments will not be erased. However, they will be pushed to the end of the search results where they are less likely to be noticed.

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