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Six Sigma Training - Practical Applications in War

When it comes to the Military, Six Sigma Training has definitely proven to be an asset to the men and women that risk their lives daily for the freedom of the rest of the country. No one better understands process improvement, lower defect ratios, and reducing or eliminating waste better than the military. When people's lives are at stake and the smallest kink in a process could affect the very survival of many, something needs to be done to create a better process and get all the kinks out. Six Sigma Training can be used in wartime situations just like it can be used in any other industry, only with a bigger reward. When you use Six Sigma in any other industry, the result will usually be improved sales, a more successful company, or something along those lines.

GPS Fleet Management Makes Your Life Easier

Managing any fleet of vehicles is a complex and stressful job. The larger the fleet, the more valuable the cargo, or the more critical the fleet to business operations, the more stressful the management task will be. If you manage a fleet of vehicles of any size you need to know that GPS fleet management makes your life easier. You might know that GPS fleet management equipment allows you to see (on your laptop) exactly where every vehicle is at a particular point in time. But do you know that this same equipment also maintains a complete history for each vehicle of where, when and how that vehicle has traveled over any time-frame? If you notice an anomaly at any time, you can download a report of the history of each appropriate vehicle and analyze the cause for the anomaly and determine what corrective action is appropriate.

What is OFCCP Compliance?

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is a division of the US Department of Labor that has been charged with implementing the laws that require equal employment opportunity for anyone working within the government contract system. As stated in the OFCCP mission statement, this would mean enforcing laws "that ban discrimination and require Federal contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity for employment, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or status as a Vietnam era or special disabled veteran." That's a pretty comprehensive law to enforce.

Trade Management - Here's How it Works

How fast you get to market these days is a highly sensitive and critical issue with many companies. If they don't get their products or services out there before the competition does, they lose the competitive edge. It's a fact that even a mere two seconds may make the difference between winning and losing trade. While that may sound ridiculous, it's how trading works and only those who are the best at it become industry leaders. In order to manage trade effectively there has to be ready access to multiple venues and of course, timing is of the critical essence. You will need a broker neutral trading solution and the long range ability to add new trading instruments and be able to put together cross-asset trading platforms.

Game Players and How to Deal With Them on the Job - Part VI - The Believer

When you think of the The Believer as an employee, you think of someone who is so committed to the mission and products/services of a company; their enthusiasm is contagious. In sales, the productivity can be outstanding. Think of the MLM structure - those are believers - and that's how they can recruit so many people in their "downline". In movies, sales meetings or political events are filled with rah- rah- rah, songs, energetic music, powerful speeches and a lot of clapping, cheering... the energy is incredible! The cliches are abundant and repeated often, "Go Team", "We'll get rich together", and whatever other slogan they've dreamed up. This enthusiasm affects how they approach buyers - "you must buy this - you can't be without it".

Business Ownership Structure - Partnerships

Partnerships are strange beasties - ferocious in failures and tricky for tax. The first strange thing about them is that, while us accountants recognise them - we do sets of accounts for them - the law does not see them. Legally, they do not exist. Partnerships can't borrow anything, sue or be sued, lend money or sign contracts. The legal world doesn't know they exist. So, if you're in partnership with Kath and Kim, how can your business borrow money if it does not exist, legally? It can't. To raise money or do anything else legally, the individual partners have to do it - each of them, personally. So you raise some money, Kath raises some money and Kim raises some money and you put all your money together and so the business has money.

Business Ownership Structure - Sole Trader

If you want to start or purchase a business - or have an existing business - you may want to know the best ownership structure for you to use. We'll talk about the three main business structures in Australia and NZ - sole trader, partnership and company - over the next three articles and please email us if you want to know more. The first is that you don't have to stick with the same structure - you don't have to form a company to buy a company, for example. A company can buy a partnership, a sole trader can buy a company and so on. Or, if you're currently a sole trader, you can turn it into a company; a company can be wound down and turned into a partnership.

Leadership Traits and Outcomes - 8 Traits That Can Impact Your Outcome As a Leader

Based on theories derived from the science of quantum physics, we know that what we focus on we also attract into our lives. In fact it works for us just like it works for sending and receiving a radio signal. For example, if you tune your radio to 103 FM you would not expect to pick up the signal from 97.5 FM. Of course you would not. You know when you turn the dial you will draw to you the radio signal that you send out and in this case tuning to 103 FM will send you the programming from 103 FM. In other words, like attracts like so be careful what you send out because it will always bring more of the same right back to you. If you understand that like attracts like, it should not be a secret that the Universal Law of Attraction is alive and well and always acting on and responding to the tendencies and focuses we have as individuals and therefore of every leader.

Employee Engagement - Getting Your People Interested in Their Jobs

Having qualified employees is important to your business. Of course, it doesn't matter how qualified those people are in the long run if they aren't interested in their careers and how they affect the company. The goal of employee engagement is to get them thinking about something beyond their work, their abilities, and the bigger picture in what they do. When people know the common goal of the company and are aware of how their job directly affects that goal, they will be much more motivated to succeed and willing to help you create a success model for your company to follow. Getting people interested in their positions isn't difficult. In most cases, all that you really need to do is show them that what they do goes well beyond just their task at hand at the end of the day.

Employee Performance - Improving Your Company Starts With the People

Employee performance is critical to the success of your company. There is no limit to what you can or cannot do in your business, as long as you are able to take the time to create a plan for success. Part of your business planning is going to be the cooperation and motivation of your employees. When you don't have the right employees, your business will never succeed no matter how good of a plan you have in place. There are so many ways to approach the subject of employee performance and motivation, and you need to find what works best for your company's specific needs. If you need help with improving employee performance so that you can improve your company, you should consider hiring outside perspectives to help along the way.

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