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Creative Tips to Leverage Your Senator's Inner Devil

Generating political copy with the intent of creating new members and donations was always pure direct marketing joy. You passed or failed on a set of proven creative methodologies with twists of creativity to emotionally bind the proposition to your reader constitutes. If a legislative villain, a highly visible Senator was bound and determined to undermind my constituencies cause, even better. He would become mere fodder in my political pens gun sight. My mission was simple... to galvanize the American citizenry to petition our elected officials against establishing anti-gun legislation. Reminding my constitutes that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right to self defense was going to be easy.

Christian Grants? - A History of Government Funding For Christian Organizations

Should government fund Christian and other religious organizations? If so, what kind of strings should it attach? Should the strings be long? Short? Should there even be any strings? These questions do not lend themselves to easy answers, as American history shows. In the colonial period government funding for Christian organizations was an established practice. A number of colonies even designated one religion to receive tax dollars: It was the Anglican Church in much of the South and the Congregational Church in much of New England. Other colonies required citizens to choose their own protestant church beneficiary. Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island were the only colonies not to require their citizens to fund religion.

Secret Behind Abundance - Will Your Charity Find It?

The secret is, there is no hidden secret! It's a bit frustrating for some of us in the older generation to look at many of the younger generations searching for a secret that is not a secret at all. The more we tell them that there is no great secret behind abundance the more they believe that we are hiding something from them. What does this have to do with philanthropy? Demographics! There is more need and fewer givers. The big donor foundations, trusts and individuals are still available, however, there are more and more worthy causes competing for those dollars. And, the market that has the resources and wants to give to worthy causes is so busy looking for the secret behind abundance they don't have time to share the abundance that is everywhere.

Event Planning For Your Fundraiser - Advance Registration Can Save Time and Money

A "special event" can include--but is not limited to--parties, dances, rallies, bands, concerts, special speakers, 5K runs, walks, fun-runs, athletic or sporting events, etc. In planning for the event you should ask these questions: 1. What is the purpose of the event? 2. When it will occur? 3. Where is the specific location? 4. Who is the target audience? 5. How many participants/guests will there will be? 6. What is your budget? 7. Will you be charging for tickets? Let's try and answer these questions: 1. This is an easy one... or maybe not. Why do you want to hold your event? To help a needy family? Raise money for your school? Help the choir gets funds for a trip?

Wondering How to Raise Funds? Here's a Range of Must-Dos For Successful Fund Raising Services

Forget about candy bar tricks or the ticket selling cants that are so old school. If you're talking about fund raising services done in a modern and innovative way, then there must be some volunteering, elbow grease, and real action involved. By doing something out of the ordinary, you can easily get through your objectives of raising funds for whatever purpose the raised money is intended for. But how are you going to come up with something new and distinctive? There are infinite ideas to catch and all you have to do is study each one carefully and single out the one that fits well with everything. 1. Think unique - that's the key - A product-based sale or gift wrapping service is no longer an in demand type of fund raising services.

Take Your Company Public With a DPO Direct Public Offering

If you are considering going public you are coming from one of two positions: you are either coming from a position of liquidity where you have the capital to spend $200k to go public on the OTCBB or you are coming from a position of weakness and you don't have liquidity. For the former, going public is easy, find a consultant with a solid track record and take your company public, you're ready to go. For those of you who are coming from a weakened position due to lack of capital you should strongly consider taking your company public with a DPO (direct public offering). Typically a DPO starts with a PPM (private placement memorandum) that breaks your company into shares and prepares it for the public eye.

Donations - How to Evaluate the Charity

Charity is a humane gesture. It makes you sublime- a noble act when you are rinsed of the human vices of greed, selfishness, and material possession. A man feels poor not that he lacks the best car and the best costumes but because he is disabled from giving. Some societies give highest importance to this process of giving as it teaches community concern, creates harmony and most important of all lifts the mood of the person who gives. It is a march to the attainment of 'Nirvana' of oriental philosophy - search for the supreme Bliss. Passion and involvement A famous saying goes like this. A Chinese person was released from prison. He had just two coins in his pocket.

Contribute and Give Back

Have you ever noticed that the more you focus on yourself and your own problems, the worse you feel? And believe me it happens to the best of us. You're rolling along; doing great, then all of a sudden one little thing goes wrong. You spend hours running through it in your head, and next thing you know, you are falling into the pits of despair. Every decision you've made was the wrong one, and you might as well just give up on whatever it was you were planning - because there's no way it's going to work out. So how do you turn that nonsense off? Eventually you will come to your senses and shake it off. Eventually you will remember you aren't the world's biggest loser, and you've got stuff to get done.

PTA Ideas For School Fundraising

One of the great challenges of PTA activity is generating fresh and effective school fundraising ideas. Those who have been involved in the PTA for a few years will have considerable experience of schools fundraising ideas, yet still are keen to identify new, interesting ideas. Newer PTA members may wish to make a valuable contribution by offering something original. One of the most important factors is coming up with an idea that children and their families feel a sense of identity with and will become keen to support. A good starting point is to involve children and ask their opinions. Children are imaginative and also far less inhibited - unlike adults they won't worry so much if people think their idea is 'silly' or 'unusual'.

20 Biggest Grant Making Foundations For Christian Organizations

The question of what foundations to turn to for funding is one Christian ministries and churches ponder over all the time. There are of course various factors to consider. The degree of compatibility between your mission and the aims of a foundation remains the most important consideration. But at a time when foundation funding is declining, it helps to know which foundations are giving the most - along with knowing a little about their overall purpose, the kinds of Christian organizations they fund, and the kinds of programs that interest them. The following are the top 20 Christian grant funding sources in terms of funding generosity. 1. Of all the Christian grant foundations accepting applications at this time the Alharetta, Georgia-based National Christian Foundation (NCF) provides the most funds.

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