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Should Franchisors Use Zip Codes, City Limits Or Radius Mileage Rings For Exclusive Territories?

As a franchisor I am often asked advice on setting up new franchise systems. A recent question came in that was of interest to the Franchising Community; Is it wiser to use radius mileage rings or zip codes to determine exclusive territories when granting new franchises? Well, let's discuss this for a moment. One problem we found when using a Mileage Territory system is that there would be over-laps and dead zones. For instance a beehive, takes up all the space, but if you stack pipes on a pallet, you have dead space between. This was a huge issue and often caused us to sell territories that looked like a city + 1/3 of another town + 1/5 of another town + 1/2 an industrial park and 2/3 of a spread out college campus.

The Benefits of Searching For and Investing in a Low Cost Franchise

Today, even individuals that do not have a lot of extra savings are looking to take advantage of investing in a low cost franchise, or an affiliate org. If you pick up a magazine dedicated to this subject, you will quickly find that it will take a fair amount of research to find an opportunity that you can profit from. Chances are, if you read the reviews and ratings carefully, several franchises may appeal to you. As may be expected, there may be many factors that influence your final decision. If you already know that your current career path limits any significant increase in income, starting your own business is the only answer left. As an example, if you are a displaced home maker, or have not achieved a suitable career level, taking part in a low cost franchise can help improve your earnings.

Good Franchising Practices

Business Franchising has become very lucrative. Business Franchising is defined as a way of doing business and clearly it is not a business in itself. Business Franchising has won acclaim as a marketing tool helping to aggressively promote a particular brand. McDonald's, Walmart, KFC etc are business franchising models. In business franchising, the franchisor or the owner of the brand or business providing the product/service, delegates to other individuals called the Franchisees, the right to market, sell, distribute the franchisors products and services. The franchisor support includes marketing, organising, training, merchandising and management of the business franchised.

Some Introductory on Operating a Burger King Franchise in the United Kingdom

Burger King is a global brand and its franchises are always in demand from all parts of the world. The company is on an expansion spree in the United Kingdom. If you want to make big with this amazing opportunity, there is no better time. Here is some Burger King Franchise information that would be really useful for you. First of all the company says that you would be required to spend anywhere between 250, 000 to 800, 000 pounds. Other than that you would be required to pay the land charges which you might own. There are various systems here. You can go for the basic 700 sq. ft. food kiosk. This is available for 250, 000 pounds and a franchise fee of 40, 000 charged in US Dollars.

Hot Franchising Opportunities - Food Franchises

With the world moving at such a fast pace, it is no wonder that fast food restaurants are making so much money. Families have both parents working, or busy executives grabbing something quick to eat, or just having something to eat while you are on the go. What ever the reason is more people are having more fast food. That is why if you are looking for a great business opportunity, a food franchise business may be the one for you. Before you consider such a venture you will want to get as much information as possible, get the food franchise businesses to send you their franchise information pack, financial documents, and any other relevant information, nowadays you can even ask what steps they take to ensure that the franchise is more eco-friendly.

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