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How Good is Your Word?

Do you follow through with what you tell people you will do? When you say " I'll call you next week", do you? When you say "Let's get together soon", do you mean it or are you just saying it to be CORDIAL? In business, when you tell a salesperson "Let's do some business down the road", are you sincere. Perhaps is it an easy blow off to get the salesperson out of your hair? If you say "Let's go out Friday night", do you follow through or is it all fluff? A few weeks back I had a discussion with a related cousin who I knew, but not overly well. The discussion was about if he wanted to go on a golf trip with the boys. Now, I've run my share of golf trips over the years.

If You End Up With Too Much Money in Your Pay Cheque Do You Know What Your Rights Are?

Overpayments In businesses operating computerised payroll systems, it is not unusual for an occasional error to arise resulting in a mistaken overpayment to an employee. This might take the form of an overpayment of basic rate pay or overtime pay or commission/bonus. The payslip is often fairly complex and employees sometimes fail to thoroughly check its contents. It can sometimes be a matter of weeks or even months before the employee or the business realise that an overpayment has taken place. In this situation, the legal question is whether the company are entitled to recover the overpayment and, if so, by what means. In order to show that an overpayment is not recoverable, then the employee must demonstrate three things.

Personal and Professional Values in Decision Making

The purposeful choice to pursue creative thought as we seek greater understanding of ourselves, our associations, and our world is foundational to the development and ultimately, the establishment of our personal values and ethics. Judicious, strategic thought processes enable individuals to realize the qualities within themselves as well as areas that need eradication or improvement. "A person's attitude toward himself has a profound influence on his attitudes toward God, his family, his friends, his future, and many significant areas of his life." (Institute, 1986) God tells us in II Corinthians that we are "epistles... known and read by all men." It is through clear understanding of the facts, principles, and concepts presented in God's Word that one can manifest the person God declares him to be.

So What Are the Rules For Dismissing Incompetent Employees?

As Solicitors we have organised a series of employment law seminars over the past few years and the normal attendance has been around 60-70 general managers and human resource managers. However, the latest course about dismissal for poor performance attracted around 140 bookings! It seems clear from the popularity of this seminar that this issue really matters to local businesses. The main risk involved in dismissing an incompetent employees is losing a claim for unfair dismissal and having to pay an award of compensation for loss of earnings of up to 53, 500. This is generally only a risk where employees have been employed for at least 12 months. In order to justify the dismissal of an under performing employee, the business will need to show that they honestly and reasonably believed that the employee was failing to meet established standards.

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