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Conflicts With Customers

You have a angry customer or any one as far as that goes. What do you do? Many people instantly say I am sorry, This gives the signal that you have created the problem. Do not except responsibility for something you did not have any thing to do with.

How can I help you?

Then the individual starts telling you their raging problems going on and on.

You hardly have room to say a word.

What you should do is look at them with a friendly face and start asking them question? Questions that relate to most any situation.

What is their account number?

What is their address?

What is their phone number?


What do these all have in common? Numbers, numbers, numbers. When you ask someone to give you a answer that has numbers in it they instantly start calming down. Why you ask, because it cause them to start using a different part of their brain. your brain has so many function and each one sends different signals. Anger uses one. And numbers uses another so by asking them to say numbers calms them down. They can no longer be angry because they are using a different part of their brain.

Unpleasant customer service will be passed on to others very fast and can ruin your business.

When people receive great service customers take it for granite but do enjoy it and will return.

Some people are just not people persons.

For those I would suggest working from home for yourself. Online businesses have many opportunities and do not require dealing with customers.

Give it a try it works!

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