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Business Continuity Planning Basics - A Primer For Your Business

PHASE ONE Plan Cover Sheet The Plan Cover Sheet will not only identify your company, but also offer pertinent information that can be evaluated at a glance. See the sample attached. Company Address: The address should reflect the location for which this particular plan is designed. Other company locations and their information will be indexed in other material within the plan. Site Director: The Site Director should be the main decision maker of the company. They would be someone who at a moment's notice would be able to decide if the employees should shelter in place, go home or wait for further information. Alternate Site Director(s): The Alternate Site Director would be the person or persons who would be the second in command and would also be able to make the same decisions as the Site Director in the event the Site Director was unavailable.

Hands-On ICT Continuity Management

How ICT continuity planning can improve your resilience The potential for large scale absenteeism resulting from the so-called 'swine' flu pandemic has led many businesses to carry out extensive pandemic planning to ensure that customer facing and revenue generating services can be maintained with reduced staff numbers. However, equally important to maintaining almost every organisation's core business processes are the ICT services which underpin them. Yet, it is easy to forget that ICT services are dependent on the human touch to keep operating at the desired levels. It is imperative, when planning for staff absence, that an organisation factors in the level of human interaction required to operate and maintain its ICT services.

Do You Have a Replacement Policy For Items Damaged While Cleaning a Home?

Accidents are going to happen, so it's best to be prepared for the inevitable phone call from an employee calling to tell you she broke something. Having a Replacement Policy for damaged items will help your employees know what to do and will help your customers know what to expect. It also helps to have a written policy for those "sticky" situations where the value of the item is in question. In most cases you will be responsible for replacing or reimbursing the cost of the damaged item, especially if it is a low-cost item. One cleaning business owner has the following policy. First, when the client can provide proof of the value of the item, they will either replace it or issue a refund.

OSHA Compliance - Protects Workers From Mesothelioma

Asbestosis or Mesothelioma is a highly dangerous disease that causes cancerous growth in the lungs of the victims, who are exposed to asbestos dust. Asbestos has some good properties, like hardness and heat resistance, which makes it very useful for automotive, insulation and construction industry. But at same time it is highly hazardous to human life because of its' fine fibrous strands, which can easily find their way into the human body, through nose and mouth. The fine dust settles into the lung cavity and slowly gives rise to lung cancer, which has very high morality rates. Exposure Classification To fight this growing malaise, the Department of Labor ensures that employers adhere to OSHA compliance norms, which regulate the workers and their environment, in industries that use asbestos.

How to Slash Business Costs

During tough economic times, keeping your business afloat can seem like a daunting task. But that doesn't mean that it's impossible! Cutting business expenses is definitely one of the most effective ways of doing it. Here are some useful tips for reducing your business expenses: 1. Reduce your operating costs. Overheads can shoot the cost of running your company through the roof. The good news is that you can take several steps to significantly reduce your company's operating costs. Use a more fuel-efficient company car. Buy generic cleaning supplies. Remind employees to turn off electrical devices when they're not using them. The key to reducing operating costs is to do it without lowering the quality of your products.

Disaster Recovery With Managed IT Services

Running a business of any nature is hard work. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to keep a business on track. When in business, a business owner expects things to run as smoothly as possible with a few bumps in the road. However every once in awhile the unexpected can happen and disaster will strike. That is where Managed IT Services can help before disaster happens. This article will explain what IT services can do if a flood, fire, or any other disaster should strike a business. If a business was to depend on it own capabilities to take care of its own networking system and disaster struck they would have lost everything. However if they have Managed IT Services taking care of there networking they most likely won't have to worry about losing their important data.

Business, Death and Doing What it Takes

If you're anything like most business owners, you're a real person. What, that's crazy?! Business owners just like the rest of the human race face the same emotional turmoil as everyone else, except of course when a key factor is added into the picture. And that factor is isolation. Sometimes the only person you have to talk to is a tropical fish that stares blankly at you through the plate glass whilst blowing bubbles in an attempt to say; "Feed me! " What do you do? Go stir crazy? Or comfort yourself with Oprah and Dr Phil? You do neither. You get on with the job. But what if the pressure of isolation and other challenges start piling up and you begin to encounter some of the following;

Transportation - How to Combat the Top Freight Shipping Mistakes

Incorrect Address: This might sound simple, but during my career this has proved to be one of the easiest mistakes for shippers to make. Fat fingering, misreading information, transposing numbers can all play a part in why this happens. Shippers, make sure to do your due diligence and get this information correct. Once a carrier determines your freight to have a bad address their sense of urgency decreases. Make sure to verify your customer's address prior to giving your shipment to the carrier. Just by taking a few minutes to do this, can save your company money, time, and possibly even a customer. I've seen situations wherein a shipper failed to provide the correct address on their Bill Of Lading, which in turn delays the shipment several days and the customer decides to go elsewhere for their products.

Transportation Logistics - A Better Understanding of the Freight Claims Process

I remember when I first started sales, and in particularly, when I received my first bonus check. I mean to tell you that I was in hog heaven. I was receiving bonus checks on a monthly basis based on my customers past shipments- there's nothing like residual income. I was walking on the clouds for quite awhile. Then one day it happened, I can still remember where I was when I got the news, my first customer complaint due to damages. I mean he really laid into me, yelling words that I had never thought somebody would say to a stranger- we had only spoken 2 times on the phone. He went on to say that he wanted to send me the pictures of the damage and to find out the process so that he could file his claim.

Crisis Management - Are You Prepared?

Research by Oxford Metrica shows that it is not the fact of suffering a crisis that damages a business - in reality no business can eliminate the possibility of a problem- rather, what really counts is how the organisation is seen to manage the crisis: take control quickly, respond professionally, and communicate well and the organisation is likely to prosper. Dither, hide or appear to be uncaring, and tough - even terminal - challenges may lie ahead. As a result, thorough crisis preparedness is essential so that the organisation can be off the starting blocks like an Olympic sprinter. And - just like athletics - what used to be speedy enough to win a gold medal is now far from world class.

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