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Ladies Electric Razors Are Convenient and Easy to Use

Women do all kinds of different grooming tasks from styling their hair to painting their fingernails to rubbing the dead skin off of their heels from time to time. While these may not sound like very glamorous things to do, women do them to look more beautiful and feel better about themselves out in the world. One of those grooming habits that women have to deal with on a daily basis is shaving. In years past, women were stuck with manual disposable type razors that often cut them and irritated their skin. These days, however, women have access to electric razors that make things a lot simpler. Ladies electric razors came along well after men's electric razors were invented.

Tanning Can Be Dangerous If Done Haphazardly

These days everyone is trying to jump on the tanning bed bandwagon and tanning salons are at the top of the list for most people. They are on every corner and shopping center you come across. In the winter everyone hopes to maintain that dark bronze tan they got all summer long. Tanning accelerator is something that many look to to get a quicker rich tan in less time. You can use an indoor tanning lotion to help you tan quicker in the tan bed and these products also have a moisturizer in them to help protect your skin from damage. Most tanning salons have different ways of getting you tan nowadays. You have the option of lying in a tanning bed for ten minutes and getting a decent bronze color or you can do a spray tan.

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Why Celebrities From Madonna to Julia Roberts Are Wearing Mineral Makeup

It seems that every Hollywood diva, from Madonna to Julia Roberts, has hopped aboard the mineral makeup bandwagon. The popularity of these all natural cosmetics has prompted real-life beauty gurus to take notice as well. Why are celebrities and professional makeup artists so enthusiastic about foundation and blush created from finely ground mineral content? Consider these reasons to try the latest mineral makeup (M makeup), and take advantage of our tips to help you shop for the best formulas for your skin. What is Mineral Makeup? M makeup consists of a combination of finely ground minerals, taken directly from the earth. Some of the most popular ingredients in these formulas include titanium dioxide and zinc, which explain the reason these products are also touted for their sun protection.

Grandsons Can Inherit Grandpa's Bone Weakness

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, shows that hip fractures in grandfathers are linked to low bone density and reduced bone size in their grandsons. "This is the first time this risk factor for low bone mass has been demonstrated across two generations, " says associate professor Mattias Lorentzon, who led the research team at the Sahlgrenska Academy. "This new risk factor may be significant for the diagnosis of low bone mass and suggests possible mechanisms for the inheritance of low bone mass and fracture risk." The study looked at around 3, 700 grandparents and their grandsons from a national register.

Hair Extensions - Add Style to Your Hair

Most of the people around the world are starting new decisions in this New Year. Some of them are trying to lose weight and some of them are saying good bye to smoking, and drinking. Many people are trying to boost their job opportunities by adding some additional qualifications. However, if you want to recreate yourself in this new year with a new look, this is the best way to look gorgeous. Most of the people are suffering with hair loss in these days because of the lifestyle, food habits and climate conditions around the world. It is also a beautify remedy for those people, who lose their beautiful hair in some unfortunate conditions.

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Zelos Therapeutics Initiates Dosing In A Phase 1 Clinical Study Of Nasal Spray Teriparatide

Zelos Therapeutics, Inc. has initiated dosing in a seven day clinical study of a nasal spray formulation of ZT-034 (teriparatide) that is being developed in collaboration with development partner Aegis Therapeutics, LLC. Nasal spray ZT-034 is being developed as an alternative to Eli Lilly and Company's Forteo (teriparatide [rDNA origin]) which generated approximately $800M in annual sales in 2009 for the treatment of osteoporosis and is administered by daily injection. Non-injectable formulations such as nasal spray ZT-034 could expand the market for parathyroid hormone (PTH) analogs to considerably more than $1 billion. The study design will include a Forteo treatment arm to provide an initial comparison with the marketed product.

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