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Geisinger Researchers Awarded Funds For Personalized Healthcare Project

Researchers at Geisinger Medical Center recently received funding totaling more than $44, 000 from a Geisinger Health System (GHS) - NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) collaborative project focusing on personalized healthcare. The grant, titled "Expanding Comparative Effectiveness Research in Orthopedics by Capturing Uniform Measures of Patient-Reported Functional Outcomes at Two Institutions", will permit Geisinger to administer electronic questionnaires to patients with osteoarthritis (OA) via new, touch-screen monitors in its orthopaedic clinics. Results from these questionnaires will allow physicians to track patient-reported outcomes, which are critical in developing evidence-based protocols in OA management.

Orthopaedic Researchers Investigating New Treatments For Injured Troops, Civilians

For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So after the surge in U.S. troops heading to Afghanistan, there will be an influx of injured veterans returning back home. But the U.S. Department of Defense has recruited its own "soldiers" in the battle against war casualties: a consortium of researchers who are improving care to wounded soldiers as well as the general public. Some of the orthopaedic researchers involved will lead a workshop about the program at the 56th annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), March 6 - 9, 2010, in New Orleans. They will also present an overview of the program during Extremity War Injuries V, a symposium that takes place Jan.

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Additional Knowledge About Facial Hair Removal

Facial hairs are most difficult to deal with, especially for women. Men on the other hand can easily remove them through shaving. Learn more about various methods of facial hair removal used by men and women. Also, discover the best methods of hair removal for people with sensitive skin. Facial hair removal for men and women - what are the differences Facial hairs are normal for men but they are absolutely not for women. A well-kept beard over a man's face is considered okay but if a woman has only a few hairs over her face, she is considered un-groomed. But today, even men prefer a clean-shaven look and are increasingly searching for a better way of facial hair removal.

New Technology Aims To Repair The After-Effects Of Gum Disease

Advances in tissue engineering are offering the promise of being able to restore lost bone and gum tissue following periodontal disease. About a third of the population are affected by chronic inflammatory gum disease which can result in loss of the bone and other tissues that support our teeth. Professor Saso Ivanovski, Listerine Chair in Periodontology at Griffith's School of Dentistry and Oral Health, said even when the infection or inflammation was brought under control, people can be left with an unsightly appearance and poor function. The colloquial expression 'long in the tooth' is often used to describe people and things of a significant age, however the unsightly effects of severe gum disease and gum retraction leading to wobbly teeth are not confined to the elderly.

Is Mineral Makeup Right For You?

For those of you out there who's skin is easily irritated by most makeup, you may want to try mineral makeup. This type of cosmetic is much more gentle on your skin and can sometimes help people who are overly sensitive. Sensitivity to cosmetics doesn't necessarily mean a rash or other irritation, it could simply mean that you break out every time that you try to wear makeup. If this sounds like it describes you, I urge you to try out some mineral makeup and see if you can use it without being irritated. This type of cosmetic can be bought at most super stores, like Walmart or Target. If you are unsure, or just plain don't want to spend the money, there is another benefit to mineral makeup, it is usually significantly cheaper than other types of cosmetics.

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Looking For Free Mineral Makeup Samples?

So, where can you find free mineral makeup samples? If you haven't easily found these freebies by now, you either haven't been looking or you haven't been looking in the right places. Mineral cosmetics are on of the easiest to find free samples online, this especially amazing because many other kinds of makeup samples are much more rare. One of reasons for this may be that, although much better for your complexion, mineral makeup is much cheaper than many other forms of cosmetics. Either way, the fact is that these freebies are very easily found. I would say that when searching for regular cosmetic samples, out of ever ten to twenty sites you visit, only one or two will have an actual free samples.

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