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Relief From Back Pain - Can Pilates Cure Back Pain?

Roughly eighty percent of people will suffer one or more bouts of low back pain at some point in their lives. In most cases it is not the result of a serious condition or disease and often the exact cause of the pain is hard to identify. This is known as non-specific lower back pain and you are usually advised to keep active, take painkillers and try to go about your normal daily activities. The pain will often go within a few days but return from time to time. Modern life is not conducive to a healthy back. We sit badly at home, sit badly in our cars and at work and a lot of us don't get as much exercise as we should, so it is little surprise that our backs start to play up.

Sciatic Nerve Pain - Specific Chiropractic Treatment Alternatives That Eliminate Lower Back Pain

As a chiropractor here in Plano, Texas, I often have patients who come in for treatment because of lower back pain, and some find that it's the sciatic nerve that's giving them the pain. Sciatica is commonly seen as a pain of the lower back which runs down from the back into the leg. This pain can be sharp, tingling and cause numbness of the lower back and leg. As part of my chiropractic care, I prescribe non-surgical methods to bring relief to my patients. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest single nerve in your body. It branches off at the base of the spine and runs down each side of your pelvic area, supplying nerve impulses to your butt, legs and feet.

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Lower Left Back Pain - Get Relief Fast!

One day everything seems fine but the next day there can be a sudden and new tenderness and lower left back pain. The cause may seem a mystery, especially if the sufferer thinks back to the last few days or even weeks. Nothing comes to mind that could cause symptoms such as a numbness or tingling in the left leg, aching in the lower back muscles and a host of other symptoms. It can be so uncomfortable that the pain doesn't cease, whether sitting or standing. Low back pain treatment: What causes lower left back pain? Consultation with a medical doctor may be necessary to determine the specific cause and proper low back pain treatment options.

Back Pain Relief - My Story

My name is Jason from Adelaide, Australia. I wish to share with you my story about back pain and how I relieved back pain. When I was thirteen I went to a picnic/barbecue with my family. This day we went to a farm up in the Adelaide Hills. As a young boy I was adventurous and was playing with a few of my friends in a barn. We decided to climb up onto the roof of the barn and when walking across the roof I fell through. All I remember was falling and then landing on the dirt floor of the barn on my bottom. I fell about 10 metres from the roof to the floor. It was a horribly feeling as once I hit the ground I was winded and also in pain. I was unable to breath or cry as the wind was completely knocked out of me.

Promoting Wellness Through Chiropractic Care

No other medical professional is quite as associated with overall physical wellness as the chiropractor. Granted, in unlearned circles the work is still referred to as "bone cracking" yet this kind of thinking is quickly dying out, especially now that chiropractic care is entering the mainstream. It is not surprising that more and more patients flock to chiropractors, since many insurance companies now recognize them as primary care physicians and will cover their visits. In the past it was an uphill battle to have a chiropractors' visit covered by any health insurance company, yet in light of the indisputable advances of chiropractic care, the methodology involved of curing the whole patient, and the fact that the education of practitioners is above dispute made it easy for these breakthroughs to occur.

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Posture and Lower Back Pain - Right Side

How does our posture affect our lower back pain right side? When our muscles are forced to stay in position for a longtime, such as when we stand in line at the bank or ticket counter, we want to give them relief by adjusting our stance. Unfortunately, this adjustment often takes the form of weight on one hip or positions that cause stress on one side of our back. Since many of us are right handed, we often put this stress on that area, causing lower back pain right side. Instead of shifting your hips into abnormal positions, avoid damage by using a low stool, about 3 inches off the ground, to rest one foot on. After 5-10 minutes, switch feet.

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