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What Are the Top Gout Causes?

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Gout is a painful condition that is suffered by millions of people in the US alone. The condition is often blamed upon consumption of rich foods and imbibing too much alcohol. Once upon a time, this condition was known as the blight of kings, but nowadays it is suffered by people from all walks of life. Luckily once you know the gout causes you can get rid of it and avoid the pain.

One of the key things to know about gout causes is that it is often a hereditary condition. If either of your parents suffered from it, then it is much more likely that you will also develop the condition. It can also be brought on by previous trauma to the joints, prior surgery and even chemotherapy.

It has been shown that eating too much red meat or alcohol are gout causes, so if you are predisposed to this condition, then you should lighten up on your consumption of those two common triggers.

Foods that contain an element known as purine are said to bring on gout. Therefore if you are a gout sufferer, you should minimize your intake of foods that contain this chemical.

Alcohol is blamed for causing gout because it increases the amount of uric acid in the system, which is known to bring on a gout episode. The alcohol also prevents the uric acid from being removed from the body effectively and it can build up and be one of the most common gout causes.

Since diet and alcohol intake are the main gout causes, it makes sense that making dietary and lifestyle changes are among the most effective gout treatments. If you suffer from gout you should eliminate or reduce red meat from your diet: particularly organs such as kidneys, brains, liver and so on. Other foods that should be left out of the diet include: sardines, anchovies, herrings and scallops as they are high in purine.

As well as eating foods that are low in purine, you should also increase your consumption of water. Ensuring that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day allows your body to flush out uric acid more effectively and will help to keep your body in better condition all round.

If natural cures and dietary changes do not completely get rid of your gout then you should visit your doctor. After assessing your condition they will be able to pinpoint gout causes in your own personal situation and steer you onto an appropriate treatment plan. Gout causes a lot of pain and can limit movement and your overall enjoyment of life: fortunately there are cures and treatments that can minimize the condition and the frequency of attacks.

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