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White House Health Care Campaign Challenges Translate Into Slipping Polls

Public anxiety about spending and a proposed public health insurance plan, routine distractions like Henry Lewis Gates Jr.'s arrest, and delays in rebutting Republican's attacks are triggering speculation that President Obama may be losing his groove when it comes to his famous message discipline, the Boston Globe reports. "In recent weeks, Obama has delivered mixed messages that have bogged down the debate and sapped momentum from his top domestic priority. Republicans, meanwhile, have stepped into the void. and, in a page taken directly from Obama's 2008 playbook, are using a combination of online organization and message-of-the-day discipline to frame the legislation as a government takeover.

Probing Aging And Disease Processes With Powerful New 'Molecular GPS'

Scientists in Michigan are reporting the development of a powerful new probe for identifying proteins affected by a key chemical process important in aging and disease. The probe works like a GPS or navigation system for finding these proteins in cells. It could lead to new insights into disease processes and identify new targets for disease treatments, the researchers say. Their study is scheduled for the Sept. 18 issue of ACS Chemical Biology, a monthly journal. Kate Carroll and colleagues note that scientists have known for years that the excess build-up of highly-reactive oxygen-containing molecules in cells can contribute to aging and possibly to disorders such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

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Health Care Spending For Seniors Has Increased By Nearly A Third

Spending to treat the health problems of Americans age 65 and older increased by about $2, 000 for every senior who used health services between 1996 and 2006 (after adjusting for inflation), according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. AHRQ found that average, inflation-adjusted spending for senior health care expenses rose from $6, 989 in 1996 to $9, 080 in 2006. AHRQ's study covers all Americans age 65 and older with health care expenses other than those residing in nursing homes and other institutions. The federal agency also found significant increases in average spending for seniors on the following types of health care during the 10-year period (in 2006 dollars): -- Per prescription drug purchase -- from $105 to $174 (66 percent) -- Physician office visit -- from $114 to $180 per visit (58 percent) -- Dental visit -- from $187 to $254 per visit (36 percent) -- Daily hospital stay -- from $2, 271 to $2, 714 per day (20 percent) AHRQ, which is part of the U.

Good Health In Later Life For Older Women With The AGS Foundation For Health In Aging's New Health Tip Sheet

American women are more likely to live longer than men. Although they have a life expectancy of 80 years, compared with about 75 years for men, older women often have worse health and are more likely to have ongoing health conditions like osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and arthritis than older men. In addition to experiencing multiple health problems, older women also commonly suffer from memory problems and have more trouble than older men dressing, walking or bathing without help. To help older women stay as healthy as possible, the AGS' FHA has published "For Older Women: Tips for Good Health in Later Life" "Older women tend to have more difficulties than older men as they age, " says President-Elect, Sharon A.

10M Grant To Tackle Alzheimer's Disease Mystery

A researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine has been awarded more than $9.8 million to head a five-year National Institute on Aging Program Project Grant. The project will bring together a "dream team" of researchers from five institutions to examine the biology of the most important risk factor in Alzheimer's disease, the cholesterol-carrying protein apolipoprotein E (apoE), and its receptors in the central nervous system. Mary Jo LaDu, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology in the UIC College of Medicine, was one of the first researchers to investigate the role of apoE in neuronal injury and death.

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Colorado Braces For Mental Health Cuts, Florida Nursing Homes Brace For Medicare Cuts, And Other Developments

Today's state coverage includes anxieties about Medicare cuts, tips from Massachusetts health officials and executives and a pro-migrant court ruling in Hawaii. Kaiser Health News : "Three years after Massachusetts implemented a state program to provide near universal health care, officials said that a key to their success was that stakeholders from the state's health care sector and the business community had a commitment to implementing the program." Despite successes, one state official said cost containment remains a challenge (Marcy, 9/1). Boston Globe : A new health program for migrants in Hawaii, scheduled to begin Tuesday, was postponed by a judge, who ruled that the program failed to live up to an obligation promised by the U.

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