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The Truth About Anti Aging Face Creams and Their Ingredients

By the time you finish reading this article you will know why most common anti aging face creams do not work and how you can make sure your cream is an effective one that will firm up your skin effectively. Let's get started right away. Here's the thing about wrinkles. They are caused by the lack of two proteins in the skin - Collagen and Elastin. When we are young, our body produces them in enough amounts to keep the skin tight and elastic too. The problem begins when, with age, our body's ability of producing the proteins starts decreasing gradually. Ultimately a stage arrives when the production of these proteins is not enough to keep pace with their natural deterioration in the skin.

Best Treatment For Dark Spots and How to Remove Dark Spots From Your Face Naturally

Are you frustrated over your skin pigmentation problems and wish your dark spots can go away? If the answer is yes, read on. This article will explain the causes of skin pigmentation and the some of the recommendations of how to remove dark spots from your face naturally. There are many factors that cause skin pigmentation and generally the causes come from both outside the body and from within. You can develop pigmentation from external situations such as excessive sun exposure, phototoxic reactions caused by sun exposure after the use of some products that are susceptible to sun rays and so on. Pigmentation also can be caused by something that you ingested or by sources within your body such as consumption of birth control pills, medications such as steroids, pregnancy or nursing, illness, age and so on.

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5 Secrets of the Best Anti-Aging Products For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin you know that finding suitable anti aging products can be a challenge. Many common ingredients can cause acne outbreaks and irritated skin. But once you discover the secrets of the best anti aging products for oily skin it becomes much easier. 1. Free of Drying Agents Ingredients like alcohols are drying to the skin, which may seem good if you have oily skin, but they can promote premature aging of the skin and brown spots. There are much more effective ways to deal with excess oil in skin out there - you don't need to risk the health of your skin to make it look good. 2. Completely Natural Regular anti aging products for oily skin contain a wide variety of chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic and others that cause skin irritation.

Did Your Last Physical Exam Address Your Low Sex Drive and Low Energy?

A comprehensive physical exam can uncover the underlying cause of what may be causing low sex drive, increased weight gain or an inability to loose weight, fatigue, anxiety and depression. While a decline in sexual desire and function is a normal part of aging modern science allows us to slow the decline. Sex hormone levels change as we age, with some decreasing while others increase. Sometimes hormone levels can be out of balance, producing undesirable symptoms, including low energy and low sex drive. Your Primary Care Provider can order tests to measure hormone levels to help determine if symptoms could be the result of an imbalance. Obesity can cause and contribute to many health problems.

Early Aging Has Major Reasons

Who does not want to get old in good health? Why are some of us aging far too early? According to the federal government, Americans live an average of 73.7 years, but spend their last 11.7 years in "dysfunctional life", which is marked by disease and impairment. This must mean that aging factors are beginning to create degenerative disease changes in our bodies long before the age of 62 (and again that is an average). Centenarian societies are still physically active, healthy, and happy long into their 80s - 90s while showing little if any western degenerative diseases, even into these ages. Also the early 20th century born centenarians likely have lived more physically active lives as their sedentary counterparts.

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Chronic Pain Found To Increase Risk Of Falls In Older Adults

Chronic pain is experienced by as many as two out of three older adults. Now, a new study finds that pain may be more hazardous than previously thought, contributing to an increased risk of falls in adults over age 70. The findings appear in the November 25 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). "It's clear that pain is not just a normal part of aging and that pain is often undertreated in older adults, " explains lead author Suzanne Leveille, PhD, RN, who conducted the research while a member of the Division of Primary Care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and is currently on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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