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3 Important Causes of Aging of the Face That You Can Avoid

The aging of the face is the most apparent, and therefore most people will do just about anything to stop it. The true defense against wrinkles, sagging skin and all those signs of aging is being well-informed. Because when you are informed, and know the main causes of aging of the face you can prevent them and have youthful, healthy skin through your life. 1. Free Radical Increase As we age the free radicals which cause oxidation in our bodies increase, and especially if we have habits like drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, smoking, stressing, and are exposed to pollution. You can decrease the free radicals simply by eating antioxidant-rich foods and improving your lifestyle.

Life Began at Fifty

"Fifty is the new 40"! Learn ways to be totally Fabulous in your fifties and not loo a day over forty! Since I turned forty, I heard almost on a daily basis that "you don't look 40". My seemly cocky reply was always, "What does 40 look Like"? They would reply, it looks like you! YEA! ! ! You got it! ! Age is a number that is only a reflection of the thoughts you are thinking. As long as I am eating an awesome diet, exercising regularly, and surrounding myself with people who have a source of awesome positive energy, I can produce thoughts that are vital to my youthful disposition. Along with the above three steps, I take a powerful antioxidant/ mineral supplement twice a day and I read a good self development book once a month.

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The Best Skin Tightening Cream Should Not Contain Collagen - Learn More

Wouldn't you love to have tight firm skin forever? We all would love to; however we know that it is not possible. Since we all have to age and one of the signs of aging, is wrinkled and sagging skin. You might think it is impossible to regain the firm skin you once had, however I have good news for you it might have seemed impossible, however with such great advancement in skincare science it is now quite possible to achieve. A good advice to keeping healthy skin is to exercise regularly, eat healthy and avoid the UV rays of the sun. If you correctly do all these it will help with tight firm skin, however they are just a small part of real skin tightening.

Why Females Live Longer Than Males: Is It Due To The Father's Sperm?

Researchers in Japan have found that female mice produced by using genetic material from two mothers but no father live significantly longer than mice with the normal mix of maternal and paternal genes. Their findings provide the first evidence that sperm genes may have a detrimental effect on lifespan in mammals. The research, which is published online today (Wednesday 2 December) in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction [1], found that mice created from two female genomes (bi-maternal (BM) mice) lived an average of 186 days longer than control mice created from the normal combination of a male and female genome.

2 Special Ingredients the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream For Men Should Contain to Help Reduce Wrinkles

You can become less frustrated with your loose facial skin and wrinkles if you choose to use special ingredients that are contained in one of the best anti wrinkle cream for men products available on the market today. Men of all ages are using anti-aging, anti-wrinkle creams more than ever before because they are starting to realize the many benefits of keeping their facial and body tissues in better shape. If you haven't used an anti-wrinkle cream before you need to understand this basic issue. Skin wrinkles because it looses it strength and elasticity through reduced collagen and elastin protein production in your dermis tissue layer, which is directly under your outer skin layer (epidermis).

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To Keep Muscles Strong, The 'Garbage' Has To Go

In order to maintain muscle strength with age, cells must rid themselves of the garbage that accumulates in them over time, just as it does in any household, according to a new study in the December issue of Cell Metabolism, a Cell Press journal. In the case of cells, that waste material includes spent organelles, toxic clumps of proteins, and pathogens. The researchers made their discovery by studying mice that were deficient for a gene required for the tightly controlled process of degradation and recycling within cells known as autophagy. Those animals showed profound muscle atrophy and muscle weakening that worsened with age. "If there is a failure of the system to remove what is damaged, and that persists, the muscle fiber isn't happy, " said Marco Sandri of the University of Padova in Italy.

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