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Are You Heading For the Disability Zone?

There is an old saying 'you are only as old as you feel' and science has now confirmed that there is a lot we all can do to slow down or even reverse to some extent the toll the years take on your body and your health. We are all keen to have a long lifespan which is how many years you live, but more importantly perhaps is your health span - the period of your life when you are fully functional and able to perform everyday tasks for yourself. This is what most of us want surely, not just more years in our life but vital, strong, healthy, well, independent, energetic and enjoyable years. We have known for at least 15 years that to slow the aging process and keep strong and vital we must do regular consistent muscle building and maintaining activity.

Key To Healthy Long Life Could Lie In Balancing Protein Intake Rather Than Calorie Restriction

UK researchers studying flies suggest that balancing protein intake rather than reducing calories may be the key to healthy ageing; their findings may explain why calorie restriction, cutting down food intake while making sure the diet contains enough vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, appears to benefit health, and also in some organisms, to increase longevity. The study is the work of Dr Matthew D W Piper from the Institute of Healthy Ageing in the Department of Genetics Evolution and Environment at University College London, and colleagues, and a paper on it appeared online on 2 December in the journal Nature. Previous research suggests that calorie or dietary restriction, reducing food intake while making sure the diet contains enough vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, causes many organisms, including mice, rats, Rhesus monkeys, and fruit flies (drosophila) to live longer and with better health.

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Anti Wrinkle Formulas - It's Best to Get the Right Guide From a Skin Care Specialist

The reason why so many people still have so many problems with wrinkle treatment procedures in the United States today is that they are not aware of the best ways by which they should go about getting the treatments that they so badly need. Wrinkling, you see, is an infliction on your skin that comes with aging, which itself is a phenomenon that is worth all the attention that you can afford it, and as such there is no reason why you should try to tackle the wrinkling problem without consulting a medical professional in the process. There are a lot of people in the health-care profession who might have a thing or two to offer in the field of skin care, but you must know that you are safest with a skin specialist.

Age Concern And Help The Aged Respond To The Care Quality Commission's Annual Performance Assessment Review 2008 9, UK

Andrew Harrop, Head of Public Policy for Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: 'While the overall standards of care have improved from last year, it's not acceptable that ratings for care homes for older people are lagging behind homes for younger age groups. The report clearly shows that many service providers are still not up to scratch on basic standards of care that are vital for the well-being and welfare of older people. 'Many older people often cannot access the care and support they need at home because of creeping eligibility restrictions and a postcode lottery of service provision. By restricting home care to those who only meet the highest criteria1, local councils continue to deny many older people the care they need to live dignified and independent lives.

Wrinkle Treatment - Wipe Them Off Completely and Permanently

How many times has it happened to you that you look into the mirror and had the same wish every time - to have your wrinkles disappear? Accept the fact that wrinkle treatment is possible but nothing can happen in a snap of your fingers. You have to be cautious while choosing a wrinkle treatment and make sure that you are not lured by the false advertisements which claim treating fine lines and wrinkles just like that. To tell you the fact, most of the chemical treatments are actually harmful for your skin and many a times they result into various different skin problems like redness, dryness, itchiness and even severe allergies. Talking specifically about Collagen injections - which is one popular wrinkle treatment - it involves injecting synthetic Collagen fibers into the skin.

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Follow the 3 Easy Ways to Prevent Wrinkles and Have Youthful Skin Always

"Prevention is better than cure" - you too must have heard this a hundred times. But when it comes to skin wrinkles, are you taking the right care to prevent wrinkles and make sure they never re-occur? If not, then this is the least you can do for your skin - prevent wrinkles and keep your skin clear and young - like you have always wanted. Before getting on with the real simple ways to prevent wrinkles, let me first brief you on why they are caused. Collagen and Elastin are two important proteins found in our skin. These two are responsible for providing the structure to skin and making it firm and elastic. As we grow old, the production of these two fibers gets reduced and due to this reduced production, the skin starts becoming loose and baggy.

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