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Designing Easy-To-Use Products With The Help Of Arthritis Simulation Gloves

As the U.S. population ages, manufacturers of consumer goods are realizing that many customers may not be as nimble-fingered or sharp-sighted as they once were. To help product designers and engineers address those changing requirements, researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have been developing evaluation methods and design techniques to identify and address the needs of all consumers, including those with functional limitations. GTRI's latest product is a pair of arthritis simulation gloves, which reproduce the reduction in functional capacity experienced by persons with arthritis. The gloves help those responsible for consumer products better understand how arthritis affects a person's ability to grasp, pinch, turn, lift and twist objects.

Counteract Eye Wrinkling - 3 Ways to Get Smoother, Firmer Skin Around Eyes

Most people have extra soft and sensitive skin around the eyes, and unfortunately it is more prone to getting wrinkles and lines. There are however many ways to reduce eye wrinkling and get smoother skin. If you are willing to do a few things for the skin around your eyes then you'll eliminate eye wrinkling pretty soon. In the human body almost everything affects the rest, so the best prevention is just being as healthy as you can, eat varied wholesome foods and be happy. Feeling good most of the time actually helps you stay young-looking, as this puts less stress on your body. There are some specific things to think about when you want to reduce or completely eliminate eye wrinkling: 1.

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Older Female Cancer Survivors Have Added Health Issues Compared To Their Counterparts

As cancer survivors live longer, questions arise about what kind of care long-term survivors require. A recently published study from Case Western Reserve University's Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences found 245 older married women who survived cancer had more health problems as compared to a sample of 245 married women without cancer. The article, "Health and Well-Being in Older Married Female Cancer Survivors, " was published as part of a special supplement of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, along with other articles that resulted from a conference at CWRU on geriatric oncology, said Aloen Townsend, the lead researcher and associate professor of social work.

The Truth About Intensive Wrinkle Creams

Let's face it. If you have been searching for intensive wrinkle creams that truly give you the results you are after, then you know how frustrating it can be trying to find something effective. If you are new to seeking out solutions that will keep the lines and wrinkles in your skin from developing, then you had better be prepared for some disappointment as well. There is just not much out there that will help you. Although there is a wealth of anti aging skin care products available to you, I can tell you right now that probably nine out of ten of them won't do anything for your skin. The advertising for these products is deceptive at best, with the cosmetics companies making promises that the ingredients in their products can't possibly deliver on.

Why Surgical Skin Tightening Isn't Always the Answer

I am not surprised to hear that a lot of people have resorted to undergoing surgical skin tightening procedures to give them younger looking skin, and I am afraid that many more will end up following in their footsteps. The reason that I think people choose to go this route is not because it is really what they want to do. I feel it is because they have come to the point where they believe it is their only option for firming their skin, and eliminating wrinkles. It is a shame that someone has to feel this way, because their really should be more affordable, and less painful options out there to help them reduce the signs of aging. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is probably the most effective way to get exactly what you want, but as we have seen all too often things do not always work out as planned.

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Discover Vitamins For Skin Tightening

Let's face it. Most people don't even think about the possibility of using vitamins for skin tightening, because they don't realize how much nutrients like these are needed by the skin. The anti aging cosmetics you are treating your lines and wrinkles with must contain all natural ingredients if you are going to be successful in revitalizing your skin. Plant based compounds offer your skin all of the essential nutrients it needs. I will explain to you in a moment what you need to look for in order to attain healthy, younger looking skin, but first I want to clue you in on a few things about anti aging skin care products. Don't waste your money on the average product featuring collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid as ingredients.

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