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How to Prevent Age Spots

Age spots are the small dark patches on the skin, predominantly found on the faces, arms, and back of hands. They are also known as sun spots, liver spots or solar lentigines, and generally referenced as getting old. These hyper pigmentation happens when excess amount of melanin accumulated in the skin. But what causes age spots? Age spot are caused by sun damage! They are concentrations of pigmentation triggered by cumulative sun exposure. It aggravates with age. The older you get, the easier it gets on your skin. It can be accelerated by fluctuation of hormones during the periods of time such as pregnancy, menopause, or taking certain medications.

Facial Exercises - Your Secret Weapon Against Aging

A good way to maintain a very healthy and very young appearance is by the performance of certain face fitness techniques. Facial muscles are only attached to the skin that is on top of them, rather than bone (like skeletal muscles.) Aging causes these muscles to lose some elasticity, which causes skin sagging and increases wrinkles. These programs will only work if you are dedicated and committed to keep them up, and the results might take a while to occur. but if you do keep it up, fine lines and sagging will eventually go away, and your facial tone will improve. Both old people and young people can enjoy facial exercises; age doesn't matter, your face is always going to get certain wrinkles and you can do these exercises even if you're very young.

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How to Effectively Treat Your Age Spots

Age spots are the unwelcome small brown spots that appear primarily on face, arms and back of hands over time. They make you look older than your real age. Here are the effective ways to treat them with different price tags. Fractional lasers such as Fraxel may be a better choice when you have age spots, acne spots along with wrinkles. It delivers tiny light beams that dot the skin instead of vaporize the entire surface. The light reaches into the dermis to remove unwanted pigment and stimulate collagen growth. There is little down time involved. It takes 3 to 5 sessions to complete the treatment. Intense Pulsed Light device or IPL delivers bursts of high-energy of light to the skin.

Attacking Age-Related Macular Degeneration At The Molecular Level

Researchers at University College London say they have gleaned a key insight into the molecular beginnings of age-related macular degeneration, the No. 1 cause of vision loss in the elderly, by determining how two key proteins interact to naturally prevent the onset of the condition. In a paper to be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the team reports for the first time how a common blood protein linked to the eye condition reins in another protein that, when produced in vastly increased amounts in the presence of inflammation or infection, can damage the eye. "By starting to understand these interactions in greater detail, we can begin to devise methods that will ultimately prevent the development of blindness in the elderly, " said Zuby Okemefuna, the lead author of the paper to be published Jan.

How To Stay Young

Did you ever wonder why some people live longer and stay healthier longer than others? Is it a just good genes, or luck, or do they know something we do not? There have been many studies done of these questions and the theories regarding a 'fountain of youth' Here are some of the findings The cultures pointed out as the longest living can be found in these locations: - Part of Costa Rica - Sardina - Loma Linda, CA - The Greek island of Ikaria - Okinawa, Japan So what do these groups of people scattered all of the world have in common? The answers are below and if we stop to think about them, we will all realize that they are not terribly surprising.

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Which Non Invasive Skin Tightening System Works Best? A Guide to Eliminating Wrinkles

Are you looking for a painless (and low-budget) non invasive skin tightening system to high firm up wrinkles and sagging skin? Even though there are many different systems available, only a select few actually work. This article will explain how you can easily find a non invasive skin tightening system that is actually effective. If you can believe it, many people actually spend THOUSANDS of dollars for a single visit to a doctor to have them perform a laser skin tightening procedure. And it's certainly not an enjoyable experience either. The laser actually BURNS your skin in order to stimulate the natural production of collagen protein. It's painful, expensive, and you have to go back for more visits every couple of months as the results are not very long-lasting.

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