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Vitamin C Reverses Abnormalities Caused By Werner Syndrome Gene, Including Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Failure And High Cholesterol

A new research discovery published in the January 2010 print issue of the FASEB Journal suggests that treatments for disorders that cause accelerated aging, particularly Werner's syndrome, might come straight from the family medicine chest. In the research report, a team of Canadian scientists show that vitamin C stops and even reverses accelerated aging in a mouse model of Werner's syndrome, but the discovery may also be applicable to other progeroid syndromes. People with Werner's syndrome begin to show signs of accelerated aging in their 20s and develop age-related diseases and generally die before the age of 50. "Our study clearly indicates that a healthy organism or individuals with no health problems do not require a large amount of vitamin C in order to increase their lifespan, especially if they have a balanced diet and they exercise, " said Michel Lebel, Ph.

'Longevity Gene' Helps Prevent Memory Decline And Dementia

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have found that a "longevity gene" helps to slow age-related decline in brain function in older adults. Drugs that mimic the gene's effect are now under development, the researchers note, and could help protect against Alzheimer's disease. The paper describing the Einstein study is published in the January 13 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Most work on the genetics of Alzheimer's disease has focused on factors that increase the danger, " said Richard B. Lipton, M.D., the Lotti and Bernard Benson Faculty Scholar in Alzheimer's Disease and professor and vice chair in the Saul R.

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Today's Op Eds: Taxes, Health Reform Myths, Federalizing Medicaid

Taxing Details That Harm Patients The Wall Street Journal A new levy on Medicare Advantage plans would hurt lower-income seniors the most. ... For America's sake, reform needs to happen. But it's also too complex an issue to rush a treatment with details that might cause harm (Bob Dole, 1/12). Health Reform Headaches The Democrats Don't Need The Washington Post [T]here are some provisions in the pending legislation that, if included in the final bill, may well drape Democratic candidates with 'Kick Me' signs come November. One of these is the excise tax on more costly health insurance policies, a feature of the Senate bill that President Obama supports but that is opposed by organized labor and most House Democrats.

Best Anti-Aging Skin Creams - 3 Natural Ingredients You Don't Want to Miss

The best anti-aging skin creams contain the most cutting-edge ingredients that have been proven effective by clinical trials and scientific research. A lot of skin care companies claim to give results, but they offer no proof to back up their claims. Whenever you're looking for the best anti-aging skin care creams, make sure you buy products that are 100% chemical-free and only contain proven effective products. When I realized this and started using proven effective products instead of the most popular ones, my skin started looking much better. My friends even started asking me what my secret was. To find the best natural products, I recommend you look for the three ingredients that have worked the best for me.

How to Find the Best Eye Cream For Wrinkles and Aging Signs - 3 Tips

Finding the best eye cream for wrinkles and aging signs can be tough, because many skin care products today contain chemicals and harmful additives that have been proven to cause anything from skin rashes to cancer if used for a prolonged period of time. Being smart and doing your research is more important now than ever. The good news is that when you are able to find a cutting-edge anti-wrinkle eye cream, the benefits for your skin can be amazing. When I switched from popular skin care products to 100% natural ones, my skin almost immediately started to improve. Finding the best eye cream is all about finding something that is natural and proven effective.

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Health Policy Research Roundup: Long-Term Care, Diabetes Disparities, Health IT

Annals of Internal Medicine: Cultural Competency Training and Performance Reports to Improve Diabetes Care for Black Patients - In this study, researchers measure the effects cultural competency training and performance training for physicians has on the clinical outcomes for black patients with diabetes. By comparing the patient outcomes among blacks whose physicians received training to those who had not, the authors conclude that though "cultural competency training combined with individual clinician-level performance feedback on racial disparities increased awareness of disparities, " such changes were "not accompanied by improvement in diabetes outcomes for black patients.

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