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New Help For Deep Forehead Lines

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It seems that most people are doomed to get deep forehead lines sooner or later. Men can get away with them better than women; age is always more becoming on a man. For sure no woman wants to walk around with lines on her face.

And oh, what lengths women will go to, trying just about anything to get of any aging signs. We live in a youth obsessed society so most of us won't go down without a fight.

Some people get so upset at their deep forehead lines they go straight to the plastic surgeon for a brow lift. Apparently there's a newer and easier way to do that procedure than even ten years ago, but it still won't be painless and it won't be inexpensive. Yet, if you live through it, you'll end up with a forehead that is smooth as a baby's bottom.

Plenty of people, though, are not willing to undergo plastic surgery. Even if they're willing to suffer through the pain and the expense, they're afraid something could go wrong during the procedure. This is not an unreasonable fear. We all hear the awful stories on the news of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Apparently filler shots don't work on deep forehead lines so about the only thing that works, besides plastic surgery, has been Botox. But Botox has its problems as well and there are enough horror stories floating around to scare anyone. So if you're not a fan of plastic surgery or Botox, and those lines are really bugging you, what do you do?

You can rejoice, because there is now something that will help you more than you can imagine. Scientists doing research in the field of anti aging have made a tremendous discovery. They've known for some time that frowning, raising your eyebrows, smiling, crying and just making facial expressions in general will eventually leave creases.

When you're young and have plenty of collagen and elastin your face snaps right back into place. As you age, though, dreadful things are going on inside you that rob you of your collagen and elastin. So, when you make faces, your thinning collagen cracks and leaves a wrinkle. Your elastin is weak also, so your skin begins to sag like a stretched out rubber band.

Many creams make claims of fixing deep forehead lines and wrinkles, but they all have the same flaw. They may call themselves collagen creams, but the truth is that collagen can't be put back into the skin with a cream.

The molecules are too large to penetrate through enough skin layers to do any good. Collagen and elastin can only be made by your own body. This is where the major discovery comes in.

Scientists in New Zealand have succeeded in helping older people's bodies start manufacturing their own collagen and elastin again. They've discovered plant extracts that can be reduced into particles that are small enough to penetrate the skin, healing layer after layer on the way down.

These pure, natural ingredients are mixed into a cream that you simply rub on twice a day. Just apply it as you would any moisturizer, twice a day, and then sit back and watch years of damage from free radicals disappear. The body's sluggish engine revs up and starts producing collagen and elastin again, plumping up your deep forehead lines.. These deep lines will fill in day after day until there is barely a hint of them left. Without surgery. Without unhealthy chemicals. This is truly a major breakthrough.

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