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The Best Anti Aging Cream Has Three Ingredients

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I would not blame you if you are fed up with looking for the best anti aging cream. If you are anything like me, you have tried dozens and haven't seen that much change.

I know the feeling. I finally started researching skin creams in search of the best products and boy did I learn a lot!

You may be happy to know the best anti-aging face cream is not necessarily the most expensive. It's also not likely to be the one with the expensive spokesmodel. No, anti aging creams should be judged on their content, not their external appearance - just like most things in life.

So, what's a savvy consumer to do? Well, first you need to know a few things about the useless or harmful ingredients in a lot of mainstream products. Things you'll want to avoid because they're a waste of your money and/or are linked to nasty things like increasing your cancer risk.

Then there are the ingredients you will want to look for because they are clinically proven to smooth your wrinkles, increase your collagen production and tighten your skin. These are the ones you want in your anti aging cream.

What to Avoid

1 - Skip the parabens, these chemical preservatives stabilize your cream to keep its consistency but they are proven endocrine disruptors - they can increase your risk of breast cancer. They're hard to avoid in most mainstream skin care products. They begin with the prefixes methyl, ethyl, or butyl. Scan the label and skip the products with these.

As if the cancer scare isn't enough, they're mixed with alcohol which dries out your skin.

2 - Speaking of alcohol, there's a ton of products with this as a base. It does dry out your skin which is the last thing aging skin needs. Dry skin is prone to more wrinkles.

3-Mineral oil - skip it - it's a cheap filler for big business skin care. It suffocates your skin trapping toxins below the surface.

Gems to Look For

Ok, it may take a bit of searching on your part. It took me awhile to find a certain tiny, elite skin care line that left out the bad stuff and only put in the good. Here are some of those worthy ingredients.

1 - Phytessence Wakame - any good anti aging cream should have this. This Japanese sea kelp is a powerful antioxidant that protects you against cancer and premature aging. It also increases your amount of hyaluronic acid and strengthens your collagen and elastin cells to keep your skin firm and smooth.

2 - Active Manuka Honey - soothes, moisturizes and stimulates more collagen and elastin cell growth. Scientists have proven it's a potent antioxidant too.

3 - Cynergy TK - this cutting edge ingredient is also proven to create more of those important collagen and elastin cells. In fact, studies show it increases the thickness of the outer layer of skin which reduces folds and wrinkles.

So, there you have it, some of the top ingredients in the best anti aging cream. Only some of these are available in the bigger name skin care products but you'll want to read the label and avoid the parabens, alcohol and mineral oil. Online these good for you ingredients are available through a small, elite skin care line.

To learn more about anti aging cream available to you and other natural ingredients visit my website.

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