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Natural Treatment of Abdominal Cramps Looks at the Cause

The natural treatment of abdominal cramps will always consider the cause, if this can be found. Most people, when encouraged to reflect, will remember when a particular health problem started, even if it was a long time ago. It's only in natural health care, and especially in homeopathy, that the cause of a malady is linked to an emotional upset that was not possible to resolve. Most people are rife with unresolved emotional upsets. The west looks upon emotions as a dirty word. They are not encouraged. And so are pushed down, suppressed, and not resolved. And yet, without emotions, I'm not sure there would be any point in existing. Up or down, 'good' or 'bad', emotions are what make life interesting enough to keep going.

Natural Treatment of Flu By Using Your Own Personal Symptoms

The natural treatment of flu is best approached by looking for the cause and then matching your symptoms to those of the most similar homeopathic medicine. The cause of any flu comes down to your immune system, or rather your lack of one. If it was in good working order, it wouldn't matter how many people with flu that you came into contact with. Your body would successfully resist all attempts of the viruses to gain entry. Raising your immunity by the normal ways of eating healthily, getting enough sleep, getting out into the sun, getting enough exercise, getting out into nature and so forth is likely to take time. Too much time for your immediate concern of getting over the flu.

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Homeopathic Treatment of Colds Which Are Worse on Waking

The homeopathic treatment of colds, flu, or indeed for any health problem, can only be effective if the cause is known (ie what was happening in your life when it started) and your unique symptoms which relate to the cold. Preferably, both. Colds, as all maladies, come in a variety of guises. Some start suddenly, in hours. Others may take days to appear. For some, the main focus is on sneezing, for others it's the nasal discharge. Some have sore throats, others have sore eyes. Some get a good night's sleep with problems only during the day, others are worse hit at night. Going by the symptoms alone, it can be difficult to differentiate between a cold and hay fever.

Homeopathic Treatment For Insomnia - Using Your Waking Time As the Guide

The homeopathic treatment for insomnia takes into consideration your unique and personal symptoms. This means that the medicine that is selected for your use, will target the cause of the insomnia, rather than just sending you into a drugged state. After all, there can be as many reasons for insomnia as there are people. It may come on as a result of an unresolved emotional upset, such as a fright, a shock, or the trauma of the death of someone close. It may be because you work shift hours, which constantly change, so your body can't get used to the time you need to sleep. It might be that you just can't fall asleep, or the you wake up after a couple of hours sleep, then can't get back to sleep.

Natural Treatment of Constipation - Addressing the Cause

The natural treatment of constipation is likely to ensure that the reason for it in the first place is dealt with. This is so much more beneficial to your overall health, than taking something which simply loosens your bowels. Effective though this can be in the short run, it does nothing to deal with the cause. So you have to keep taking it. And over time, what used to work may become less effective. Some people suffer constipation because they don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetable. So, if your diet is short in this department, then even the best treatment for constipation may not help on a deep level. Some people suffer because they don't drink enough water.

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The Basis of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is based on the belief that man's body, like everything else in nature is created and maintained by the pulsation of energy between positive and negative principles, the union of opposites. It finds some vindication in the sexual nature of procreation; the unions of positive and negative, aggressive and passive, male and female results in new life. Polarity therapy maintains that the very same forces that gave birth to a human being are responsible for the continuity of his life. They maintain that health is a state of unimpeded and natural flow of energy in the human body. When blockages exist in the current, illness and disease set in.

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