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Meridians and Acupuncture - Are Meridians Responsible For Energy Flowing Through Our Body?

Meridians are actually an imaginary energy channels running through our body. When they are out of balance or blocked we get sick or feel tired. When a Chinese Acupuncturist insert needles into our acupuncture points in the body it stimulates the meridians and helps energy flowing freely through our body. OK. This has no physical or scientific proof except for the fact that it helps millions of people in the world, including me, to heal, naturally, endless times. I Get Stabbed by Henry Every Time I Go to See Him And I Pay For It When ever I go to see Henry Su in his acupuncture clinic 'Good Health Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic' here in Wellington, I let him insert acupuncture needles into my body.

Shift Work Fatigue - First Day of Holidays and Feeling Like a Deflated Balloon!

For someone who experiences shift work fatigue, I have been anticipating this day - the first day of my holidays, for quite a while. Fabulous - I can throw away my alarm clock for 2 whole weeks (actually very tempted to throw it in the trash can for good... ), but instead of bouncing out of my bed this morning - I actually woke up feeling a bit like a deflated balloon. Now you would think that I would be bounding with energy, ready to take on the world, but alas this was not the case. My body ached all over and I got absolutely nothing done - zip! Kaput! But rather than feeling sorry for myself about how bad I felt, and how little I achieved today, I had to remind myself that I was indeed on holidays.

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Four Different Types of Massage Therapy Techniques - How They Can Help

There's nothing quite as wonderful and relaxing as getting a massage by a real professional therapist. What many people who are new to massage don't always know is that there are lots of different types of massages and provides unique benefits in its own way. Here is a quick look at four of the most popular types of massage therapy techniques and how they can help with overall wellness. Swedish Swedish massage is by far the most popular type, and it is a great overall treatment for complete wellness. Massaging oils are used to help the therapist knead, rub, and stretch muscles into a state of relaxation. If you are feeling a lot of tension, Swedish massage will help you feel great.

Control Appetite With Jamullah Peppermint Oil Shirt

A new and fun way to control your appetite is here; wear a Jamullah peppermint scented shirt. Peppermint has been known since ancient times to have varying effects on people. The effect today controls diet and helps one lose weight. The scent simply blocks the chemicals from reaching the appetite center in the human brain. Peppermint other effects range from increased focus, muscle relaxer, and headache reliever. The peppermint oil is laid into textiles and will stay active for multiple washes. Because of this, the scent can help through multiple occasions, even for several months. It is not permanent, but new technology makes the scent incredibly durable.

Get Unstuck With Acupuncture

Do you lack motivation? Can you get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsupported? Do stress, depression and anxiety prevent you from living your life to the fullest? Acupuncture can help turn the switch and get you out there. At some time in your life you will feel stuck - I see it more and more everyday - and particularly with women during their 30s to 40s or men typically 50s to 60s who are overworked and under tremendous stress. Sometimes, this "Oh I don't feel so good feeling" happens slowly. Ask yourself how many days out of the month you feel poorly, is that number low or high? If you said most of the days are bad, it's time for a change.

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Boil Treatment!

Many people suffer from skin problems and there are many types of skin problems that people get. Some people have acne all the time and sometimes it just shows up all of a sudden with out any warning causing grief. I am sure you or someone else you know has had a skin problem. Recommending something for the skin that can eliminate and prevent such skin issues might be something you would want to know more about, so read on! A Boil can be very irritating and does not mean that you got it because you don't wash well. An ingrown hair will cause a boil and can get infected and depending how it develops could be the size of a half dollar. A boil can be taken care of at home but sometimes they can get so bad they will not come to a head on their own.

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