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2 of the Best Ways Stop Underarm Sweat Naturally - This is How to Beat the Sweat Yourself

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Millions of people want to know how to stop underarm sweat as this is a very embarrassing condition to deal with. The most important thing to know in order to stop this problem is to find the cause ot the excessive sweating.

The most common cause for the excess sweat that most people suffer from is a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Some health issues such as menopause, arthritis, and anxiety disorders are common causes of excess sweat also.

Antiperspirants are usually the first line of defense to try and control the problem. However, most people are more interested in stopping the excessive perspiration they're dealing with for good.

Two of the best treatment you can use to stop underarm sweat include apple vinegar and baking soda. These treatments aim to condition your skin to sweat less. Moreover, these treatments aim to provide long term effect by curing your excessive sweating over time.

At night right before you go to sleep you should apply apple vinegar to your armpit area. If you have armpit hair you will need to trim them short. Once you apply the apple vinegar let it dry so it can saturate your armpit's sweat pores.

This will do a number of things such as eliminating the bacteria that causes odor and provide you with a drying effect. Thanks to the astringent properties found in apple vinegar, it will condition your armpits to remain dry and sweat less.

You will then wake up in the morning and wash the apple vinegar off from under your armpits. The vinegar should have been absorbed into your skin over the night, which will provide you with the protection you need to stay dry throughout the day.

The next best treatment to stop underarm sweat is baking soda. The sweat your body produces is acid, meanwhile baking soda is an alkaline.

Once the alkaline from the baking soda comes in contact with the acid from your sweating it will form a gas. This gas represents your sweat evaporating. You will need to make a thick paste by mixing a good amount of baking soda with water.

Make sure your armpit is clean and shaven before you apply the paste. Once the paste has been applied you should leave it on for around 30 minutes. Once you're done just wash it off with some water.

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