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Valley-Based Center Offers Innovative, Drug-Free Treatment Options For ADD ADHD, Learning Disorders

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The Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders announces today that it has added Hemoencephalography (HEG) to its list of treatment options for patients with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, mood disorders and other conditions. HEG utilizes infrared light to measure blood flow and oxygenation levels in the brain during a Neurofeedback session.
"The use of HEG in our Neurofeedback training sessions allows us to better target the areas of the brain that are not functioning at normal levels," said Dr. Sanford J. Silverman, Ph.D., founder of the Center. "The goal of Neurofeedback is to exercise the brain in a specific way, and create new connections between neurons that carry information to other areas of the brain. In patients with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and other disorders, we typically see less activity in certain areas of the brain. Our program trains the brain to reactivate these areas. It's like taking your brain to the gym."
According to Dr. Silverman, adding HEG to the Center's training program was part of his ongoing effort to offer the most comprehensive treatment plan available to train the brain in a variety of modalities. The Center, which combines psychology, cutting-edge science and technology to treat a variety of disorders, is one of only five providers in Arizona that offers HEG.
According to client surveys, 80 percent of the Center's patients notice immediate improvement in their ability to focus and concentrate. "We have found that while our program works as a supplement to other therapies, in many cases it's actually an alternative to medication for ADD/ADHD and other disorders," said Dr. Silverman. "It allows our patients to realize more thorough and long-term results. In some cases, we find significant breakthroughs where other forms of treatment have not worked."
Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders
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