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Treating a Sinus Headache Naturally is the Most Effective

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Getting a sinus headache is normal. If you have congested sinuses and the mucous just won't drain, then the pressure will build up and create pain. Since the sinuses are in your head, the most common pain is in your head, as a headache, or in your sinuses.

Some people have a mucous discharge which is thin and drains easily. These people rarely suffer a sinus headache.

It's those people who have thick, gluey, stringy discharges that won't drain, who tend to suffer.

Sometimes the discharge will drain slowly as a post nasal drip. And when you hawk it up, it's yellowy in colour.

And it may drain into your nose, so slowly that it dries and crusts form. Crusts that are 'glued' to your nasal walls. Trying to remove them will invariably cause bleeding.

The sinus headache is likely to have a sensation of heaviness or burning at the root of your nose, close to the sinuses. Usually the pain is in one small spot, but it may wander.

This thick mucous accumulation tends to give your voice a strong nasal quality to it.

And typically the headache or pain is worse in cold weather or for cold applications.

If this symptom picture sounds like your condition, then the homeopathic medicine Kali bich will probably totally resolve it, given time.

Homeopathy actually works making you generally healthier, rather than by working on a specific condition. Which is why people often say they experience improved energy, after successful homeopathic treatment.

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