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The Most Effective Sinusitis Remedy is Homeopathic

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The most effective sinusitis remedy is one which will raise your immune system in the process of dealing with the problem. It needs to treat the cause, not just mask the effects.

You'll know that it has done that because the intervals between your sinusitis attacks gets wider and wider apart. But there is another strong pointer which will show whether it was effective, or masking, the ailment.

And that is your health will improve. You will notice an improvement in another area or your energy will improve. This shows that the treatment was effective because of your improved immunity.

If the treatment you use drags you down or lowers your immunity, you'll notice other problems get worse, or your energy takes a dive.

Homeopathic remedies work by improving your immune system. So by selecting the most appropriate sinusitis remedy, you will not only rid yourself of the problem, but your energy will come up and your other ailments will decrease.

Kali bich is found in all comprehensive homeopathic home prescribing kits. And it is almost a specific remedy for sinusitis. The discharge is thick, gluey, just won't drain or it can be difficult.

The pressure builds up in your sinuses, causing pain and possibly a headache. Often the drainage is only post nasal, and when you hawk it up it will be yellow or yellow-green.

You get a strong nasal quality to your voice.

Sometimes the discharge accumulates in your nose, forming thick crusts. If you try to remove them, they invariably bleed, as they are so deeply attached.

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