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8 Ways to Be Less Allergic to Dogs

Are you one of those terribly unfortunate people who love dogs but have allergies? Maybe you love dogs, and do not have allergies to them, but your new boyfriend or girlfriend does and you would like to move in together. Or maybe a visiting relative has come who is allergic to dogs and you can not put your dog in boarding for a month. There are lots of things you can do so that someone with an allergy to dogs can live in the same house with a dog. Here are just a few ideas. 1) Designate "No-Dog" Zones Pick a few rooms of your house or apartment where your dog is no longer allowed to go. The best and first choice should be the allergic person's bedroom.

Asthma UK Comment On The Link Between Chlorinated Swimming Pools And Asthma

Dr Elaine Vickers, Research Relations Manager at Asthma UK, says: 'There are a few studies which suggest that the chemicals present in indoor swimming pools, like chlorine, may be involved in the development or worsening of asthma and other allergic conditions. This is due to the fact that the chemicals in the water may compromise protective cell barriers within the lungs, meaning people with allergic asthma are more vulnerable to allergens. 'However, asthma develops as a result of a complex mix of genetic and environmental factors, so more research is needed in this area before we can make a conclusive link between asthma and the use of chemicals in swimming pools.

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Hypoallergenic Pillows - How They Can Help You

People who suffer from severe allergies need to make sure that they find a solution to their problem. There are many different allergy treatments that are available for people who are looking for relief. If you suffer from dust mite allergies you should ensure that you change your sheets constantly. Most people don't realize that these mites love living inside of your bedding. Using hypoallergenic pillows and sheets will ensure that you don't suffer from anymore allergies while you are sleeping. These pillows are designed to help reduce the amount of allergies that you experience. If you are using a good pillow that is allergy proof, you will notice that your sleeps will drastically improve.

Health Canada Updating Proposal For Food Allergen Regulatory Amendments Based On Consultation Results

In July 2008, Health Canada published in Canada Gazette, Part I proposed regulatory amendments for the labelling of food allergens, gluten sources and added sulphites. The department has now reviewed the comments received and is publishing documents detailing some of the changes being made to the proposal as a result of the consultations. As a result of the over 140 comments received up until early December 2008 following the publication of the proposed regulatory amendment in Canada Gazette, Part I in July 2008, Health Canada has made several decisions and changes to its regulatory proposal to address concerns raised by stakeholders and Canadian consumers.

Pets, Toys and Chemicals in an Allergen Free Home

Despite the fact that pets, particularly cats, harbor a mass of allergens, most people enjoy snuggling up to them. But even if you avoid touching or stroking an animal you can still have an allergic response since the allergen spreads quickly through the house. One solution, and probably the best, is not to have animals in the house. However, if you can not part with your pet and this could be a very difficult decision for many families, air your home, make sure the pet does not wander into the bedroom and encourage it to spend more time outdoors. Some doctors recommend you simply regularly wash pets and their bedding. This greatly reduces the number of allergens they carry, although anyone who has ever tries to bath a cat once, let alone regularly, will know that this may not be a realistic solution.

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Increase In Allergies Among Youth

Asthma, nasal symptoms and eczema is a major public health problem in Sweden, not least among young people. Half of all teenagers are affected in VĂ stra GĂ taland County in West Sweden. This is shown in a study conducted in 2008 by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, on the request of the Public Health Committee, Region VĂ stra GĂ taland. The study also shows that the prevalence of allergies among young people has increased by ten percentage points since the year 2000. The study includes all residents of VĂ stra GĂ taland County (pop. 1.5 million) born in 1992, and is a follow-up to a similar study conducted in 2000.

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