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Day Care Doubles Early Respiratory Problems, Does Not Prevent Later Asthma And Allergy

New research hints that the common belief that kids who go to daycare have lower rates of asthma and allergy later in life might be nothing more than wishful thinking. While young children in daycare definitely do get more illnesses and experience more respiratory symptoms as a result, any perceived protection these exposures afford against asthma and allergy seem to disappear by the time the child hits the age of eight. "We found no evidence for a protective or harmful effect of daycare on the development of asthma symptoms, allergic sensitization, or airway hyper-responsiveness at the age of eight years, " wrote Johan C de Jongste, M.D.

Types of Allergic Reactions

Thousands of people every year are affected by one form of an allergic reaction or another. Whether it be from shellfish or pollen; and even dust can be an allergen for some people. The reactions can range from mild to extreme. Many of these people will never even know that they are allergic to something until they experience symptoms of a reaction. Let's look at some of the common things that cause a reaction in a person. Shellfish: Many children develop as a child an allergy to shellfish that will last well into their adult lives. These reactions tend to be on the severe side depending on the level of exposure a person has to the shellfish.

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Chlorinated Pools Increase Risk Of Allergic Diseases

Chlorine is effective at killing pathogens in swimming pools, but it also irritates the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract of swimmers. Recent research has found swimming in outdoor or indoor chlorinated pools can increase asthma risks. The study, "Impact of Chlorinated Swimming Pool Attendance on the Respiratory Health of Adolescents" found that children who swam in chlorinated pools had a higher risk of asthma, as well as other allergic diseases such as hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Researchers in Belgium compared the health of adolescents who swam in chlorinated pools to adolescents who swam in pools sanitized with a concentration of copper and silver.

Allergies to Dust

When a person thinks about an allergy to something they usually think about a certain food or something else like pollen. They rarely think that a reaction to dust would come up as being a problem. The truth is that there are those people out there that will suffer from an allergy to dust and dustmites that will cause them quite a few problem in their life. These problems are related to several factors. The first of which is a house that is not cleaned on a regular basis. Some of the symptoms that are common with a dust watery eyes as well as itching and hay fever. These reactions are not as common as the swelling of respiratory passages as this is the most common of symptoms of dust allergy.

STALLERGENES: Immunotherapy Tablet Containing Recombinant Allergen rBet V 1 Of Birch Pollen: Positive Results For A Phase IIb III Trial

Stallergenes S.A. has announced the first results of a new phase IIb/III clinical trial (VO59.08) conducted in allergic rhinitis caused by birch pollen and concerning the development of a sublingual immunotherapy tablet containing the recombinant allergen of this pollen, rBet v 1. This study is the first ever to use a recombinant allergen as an active substance. To Stallergenes' knowledge, the use of a recombinant protein in dry form is also a world first. The VO59.08 study, conducted during the 2009 pollen season, was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. It included 483 adult patients allergic to birch pollen and suffering from rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms in 30 centers in 8 different countries.

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Skin Rash Reactions

We all hate the feeling of our skin itching and burning, the embarrassment of red spots on our skin all from a reaction that we are having to something. Skin rashes are more of an embarrassment then they are anything serious. There are several ways that these reactions can occur, the most common of these is dry flaky skin that peels off. Now this I know does not sound like it is very appealing to listen to let alone have to go through when you are having a reaction. The truth is simply that you want relief and you really don't care how and where you get said relief. Now there are several creams out there that will give you temporary relief from your symptoms as well as give you a way to keep this from repeating itself in the near future.

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