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Osteopontin Contributes To Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Dr. Johannes M. Weiss and colleagues at the University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany have discovered that osteopontin (OPN) contributes to allergic contact dermatitis. They present these findings in the January 2010 issue of the American Journal of Pathology. Allergic contact dermatitis is a hyperreaction of the immune system to either allergens or irritants on the skin, such as poison ivy, nickel, or latex. Contact dermatitis results in large, burning, and itchy rashes, which can take anywhere from several days to weeks to heal. Once allergic contact dermatitis occurs, only strict avoidance can prevent a recurrence, and there is no method to resist persistent sensitization.

Hives - Here Are Some Tips on How to Treat This Annoying Problem

Hives can be a real pain, anybody who suffers from this type of rash will attest to that. The redness, itchiness, and swelling that comes with having hives is definitely no picnic! If you want to get rid of this annoying problem, the first step is to identify the source of what caused your hives. If you just have a mild case of hives, chances are that if you just wait a few hours it will go away by itself. For more severe cases that last longer than a few hours, you will want to find an over the counter treatment. If the hives last for more than a few days, you will definitely want to contact your doctor for professional help. If you do end up needing to see a doctor, he or she will usually prescribe antihistamines.

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Suffer From Allergies? Whole House Air Purifier Maybe in Your Future

These days people are always looking for better ways to protect their overall health. People have become aware of some of the harmful things in the air you could breathe even in your own home. If you are considering whole house air purifiers, there are some tips to follow in order to determine whether they are the right buy for you. For many, the idea of an air purifier for the whole house seems a great way to cover all of their needs. Many people like the idea of only having to purchase one unit for the entire house and without having to purchase anything else. The problem however, is as it sounds too good to be true generally it is. One of the biggest problems with the whole idea behind air purifiers for an entire home, is that usually they are supposed to work together with the heating or in some case air conditioning in the home.

What is a UV Air Purifier Anyway?

We live in an environment crammed with various types of pollutants. Be it our house, office or hospital they are present everywhere. There may be all sorts of harmful micro organisms floating in the air in the form of bacteria and viruses. They carry dangerous diseases which are capable of spreading form person to person. How do we prevent them from inflicting damage? An answer to this is in the form of Ultra Violet Air Purifiers which are capable of sucking in these harmful pollutants and thereby purifying the air that we breathe. Some people are prone to be allergic to a lot of things in the environment. It could be dust, pollen etc. Pollution makes it difficult for asthmatic people to breathe properly.

How to Keep Your Allergic Children Safe

You recently learned that you have food allergic children. Maybe you went into shock or denial at first. It is a common reaction, after all. However something happened recently that made you realize that you have to do something to protect your children better. It doesn't matter what happened, who it happened to, or even if it was just a nightmare! As long as you realize you can't deny the allergy any longer, you're making progress with dealing with the allergy. Here are some tips to help keep your child safe. The number one way to keep your allergic children safe is to avoid the allergen food. With severe food allergies no amount of the food is safe.

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A Guide to Hay Fever

Millions of people around the world suffer every summer from hay fever and it can be a very annoying condition to tolerate especially when you're trying to enjoy a beautiful summer day. It's caused by breathing in pollen released into the air and also by pollen getting into the eyes. Not all suffers of hay fever are allergic to the same kinds of pollen however the most common come from grasses, weeds and even certain kinds of trees. Anyone suffering from hay fever will immediately recognize the classic symptoms of sneezing, a running or blocked nose and itchy eyes. An attack can be so horrible that's enough to stop suffers from going outside or opening windows.

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