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Play Yourself Healthy

A just published research experiment on inactive men with high blood pressure shows that just 3 months of soccer practise twice a week causes a significant fall in blood pressure, resting pulse rate, and percentage of body fat, and is more effective than the doctor's usual advice on healthy diet and exercise. Other parallel experiments on both women and men further demonstrates that a regular game of soccer affects numerous cardiovascular risk factors such as maximal oxygen uptake, heart function, elasticity of the vascular system, blood pressure, cholesterol and fat mass far more than e.g. strength training and just as much if not more than running.

How Effective Can Cardio Training Really Be For You?

Every day we roll out of bed and walk into the real world, we face risk. We could be hit by a truck crossing the street, or by lightning checking our mail. It's a very unsure world and there are no guarantees in life. It's the same case every time we walk into the weight room. We're always at risk for injury, no matter what exercise we are completing. Most bodybuilding fans remember when Kevin Levrone, at the peak of his bodybuilding career, tore a pectoral muscle while warming up with a "relatively" light 60 pound dumbbell for DB chest flyes. If it can happen to one of the best bodybuilders in the world, it can happen to any of us. At least we know that while lifting weights can be a minefield, we can always count on cardio training to be safe, right?

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Cholesterol's Link To Heart Disease Gets Clearer - And More Complicated

By considering molecular-level events on a broader scale, researchers now have a clearer, if more complicated, picture of how one class of immune cells goes wrong when loaded with cholesterol. The findings reported in the February 3rd issue of Cell Metabolism, a Cell Press publication, show that, when it comes to the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease, it's not about any one bad actor - it's about a network gone awry. The new findings also highlight a pretty remarkable thing, Heinecke says: "Despite 30 years of study, we still don't know how cholesterol causes heart disease." But, with the new findings, scientists are getting closer.

Discover the Fat Burning Secrets of Time - Strapped Professionals

If you are sick and tired of having that belly fat hanging over your belt, then you have probably looked for a few fat burning secrets to help reduce the size of the spare tire from your waist. There are a lot of experts that will give advice, but how do you know which information to use. Most everybody knows that a healthy diet and regular exercise provide the best way to lose excess fat. However, the type of exercise can make a big difference to how much fat you will lose. When it comes to exercise, one of the most amazing fat burning secrets is interval training. In contrast to traditional cardio or aerobic conditioning, interval training utilizes bursts of high intensity exercise movements, followed by an lesser intensity active rest period.

Tiny Constraints In Heart Blood Flow: A Better Sign Of Blood Vessel Narrowing And Early Coronary Artery Disease

Cardiologists and heart imaging specialists at 15 medical centers in eight countries, and led by researchers at Johns Hopkins, have enrolled the first dozen patients in a year-long investigation to learn whether the subtle squeezing of blood flow through the inner layers of the heart is better than traditional SPECT nuclear imaging tests and other diagnostic radiology procedures for accurately tracking the earliest signs of coronary artery clogs. Each year, nearly 800, 000 American men and women with coronary artery disease suffer a heart attack, resulting in more than 150, 000 deaths. The latest international study of so-called CT perfusion imaging will involve the participation of some 400 men and women identified as being at higher risk of coronary artery disease because they have had symptoms of the illness, such as shortness of breath, chest pain or fatigue.

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Top Five Questions Asked About Taking a Zumba Fitness Class

Zumba is now internationally known as a fun, calorie-burning dance-exercise program. This exercise format is frequently featured in the news. Many people are intrigued by this workout that feels like you are attending a party. As more and more people learn about it they are being drawn to Zumba classes all over the world. When new students come to my classes they have many questions. The class is a fusion of fitness, aerobics and several types of dance styles. This may create some confusion as to what to expect. Do you wear clothes for dancing or exercising? Do you have to know how to dance? Do you have to be in shape? Here are some answers to the top five questions asked about taking a Zumba class.

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