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The Real Cardio Routine That Actually Burns Fat

If you've ever struggled to run on a treadmill for an hour a day, you're not alone! Doing that is enough to make anyone burn out fast and hate jogging. But what if I told you there's a better cardio routine you can do that will actually burn fat, instead of giving you the feeling of treading water. Here's the truth about cardio: It's time to throw out your old way of doing cardio, this way is faster and delivers better fat burning results! If you want to lose abdominal fat quickly, you're going to have to change the way you look at cardio routines. The highly recommended "Hour per day on the treadmill" won't do much to get you closer to your goals.

Three Year Partnership Between Go Red For Women And Dona Bertarelli's Ladycat Enables Campaign To Grow By 56

The three year partnership between Dona Bertarelli, her Decision 35 catamaran Ladycat (SUI10) and Go Red for Women, the international campaign of the World Heart Federation to raise public awareness of heart disease and stroke in women, ended successfully in December 2009. "Thanks to Dona Bertarelli's support, the campaign has taken off in 47 countries, from 30 when the partnership began, increasing awareness among women of the need to look after their heart health and creating real momentum. Significant progress has also been made in raising attention among policy makers, " says Helen Alderson, CEO of the World Heart Federation. "Through Dona Bertarelli and her team's example, the messages of not smoking, eating healthily and doing regular exercise have been seen and heard in many places, both in Switzerland and abroad.

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Treadmill Interval Workout - A Forty Five Minute Challenge

Are you looking for a challenging treadmill interval workout that won't leave you bored to tears? We've got one for you! This forty five minute interval session is ideal for runners. Let's take a closer look... One of the biggest advantages of running on a treadmill is the controlled conditions. There is no wind, cold, scorching sun, or excess humidity. The flip side, of course, is you have to supply more of your own motivation. You control the speed, you control the incline, and there are no landmarks in the distance to strive for. It is all on you, and that's why new and interesting treadmill workouts are always welcomed. Running on a treadmill can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Indoor Cycling Tips - Why You're Not Getting the Most From Your Workouts

Are you an indoor cycling enthusiast? Do you participate in group indoor cycling or spin classes? You might not be getting the most benefit from your workout because of a few simple mistakes. Let's find out what they are and how to fix them... If you're an indoor cyclist, you're one of millions of fitness enthusiasts who have turned to this form of exercise as a great way to keep fit. Whether you cycle independently or in a group fitness class, you can get a fantastic fat burning and muscle toning workout. And yet, many people don't get the optimal benefit from indoor cycling. How about you? To find out for sure, here are three common mistakes and how to fix them.

Is Your Kitchen Heart Friendly?

Lurking in your kitchen may be a killer. According to Saint Louis University cardiologist Melda Dolan, M.D., the fast, convenient and processed foods that fill American's freezers and pantries are bad news for your heart and waistline, as well as your taste buds. This February, in honor of American Heart Month, Dolan is encouraging the SLU community to give their kitchen a heart-healthy makeover. "Maintaining a heart healthy diet is easier than you might think, but it does require a life-style change, " Dolan said. "Once you learn how to shop for and cook with fresh ingredients, you'll see that it's easy to do." According to Dolan, one's diet plays a major role in the development of heart disease the No.

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Trifecta Calf Training

When beginner bodybuilders enter the gym, their mental training map usually starts with the bench press. After that, it's straight to the dumbbell rack for biceps curls. From there, they may emulate the training of others in the gym, or bounce around machines looking for something that tickles their fancy. The more they read muscle magazines and check out the bodybuilding message boards, the more aware they become of the importance of other movements. They start to add exercises for back, shoulders, thighs, and eventually calves. However, the calves remain one of the least trained body parts for most beginner and intermediate bodybuilders.

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