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Heart Rate Guidelines and RPE - Is it Real Progress Evaluation?

The latest technology heart rate monitors can record your capacity to exercise, breathing rate, heart rate and other scientific information that assists your exercise routine. These monitors are being broadcast on television when the marathons are shown and everybody can see the intensity of the athlete's effort, but it is not always reflective when looking at the poor person struggling up a hill, looking worse for wear and their rate is lower than expected and indicates that they can push harder. Heart rate monitors are very popular among athletes and rehab patients who want to control their heart activity during exercise. Over training without adequate rest will lead to higher heart rate readings and it is the body's signal to rest.

Does Running Burn Belly Fat? - This Answer May Surprise You

The key to getting the kind of firm flat abs that most people desperately want is to shed the excess stomach fat that's covering the muscle tissue beneath. The only problem is that you've got limited time and energy and you need to be sure that you're burning as much fat as you can. One of the more popular fitness activities the world all over is running. A lot of people do it for fun, as a way to alleviate stress, and as a primary workout. The question is does running burn belly fat fast? The answer is both yes and no. Let's begin with the no: running doesn't burn belly fat... specifically. There is nothing to running that specifically targets the stomach (with one exception I'll get into in a moment).

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Barts And The London Heart Expert Recognised For His Innovation, UK

A leading heart expert at Barts and The London NHS Trust has been honoured for pioneering a host of breakthrough treatments for heart disease. Professor Martin Rothman received the inaugural award for "outstanding contribution to innovation" at NHS Innovations London's annual awards dinner last week. Presenting it, Olympic Gold Medallist Tessa Sanderson said: "This award goes to an outstanding innovator, who, by his own admission has said the roots of his success as a cardiologist and cardiac interventionist have been firmly laid in innovation. "He recognised early on the need to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find the princes of ideas, something which has pushed him further and kept him at the leading edge of research.

Xtreme Cardio Dance Workout Review

So When I saw the Xtreme Cardio Dance commercial I thought to myself, "not another one". But I must admit that there was something cool about this workout program. It seems we've come a long way from the old Richard Simmons videos where people toil endlessly through routines just to try and appear less unhealthy. These days, workout videos look fun and seem to offer more than just fitness. Xtreme Cardio dance is definitely a tough workout series but if you watch the commercials you will see that the routines are made up of cool dance moves. And, these are the kind of dance moves we all want to learn. With the popularity of shows like Dancing With The Stars, we begin to wonder if we have rhythm or if we could pull off a fancy move.

The Importance of Aerobic Fitness and the Benefits Gained

Almost all forms of sports include elements of aerobic ability. Its the ability by which we as individuals can sustain prolonged effort that gives us our aerobic fitness levels. In general a sporting activity that lasts for 15 minutes or less is not fully aerobic. The exercise uses our anaerobic metabolism, meaning the energy our bodies already store and is limited due to our restricted energy sources. A 100m sprinter works an aerobically compared to a long distance runner who works aerobically. This is where the muscles use the oxygen for the combustion of fat and carbohydrates creating the necessary energy to move the body. The ability and ease in which we breathe, which we take for granted, is the bodies most important function but all the same an unbelievable one!

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Run-Away Success Or Just Running

Why do so many gym-goers head instinctively for the treadmill? Is it because they want to improve their aerobic ability? Sometimes. Because they envy the carcass-with-lungs physique of long distance runners? Not in my experience. No, its because they want to burn as many calories as possible in their gym session, in the hope that these magic calories will remould and refine their bodies. Unfortunately, aerobic exercise cannot sculpt anything and those who rely on running to tone their physique may find their buns of steel are decidedly doughey. A glance around in a starting pen for any major marathon, where almost all competitors will have spent several hours a week running for a minimum of five months, will confirm that there is only so much support lycra can do for wobbly bits!

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