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Heavy Bag Workout

Heavy Bag Workout- The Benefits Firstly, it's important to note that anyone and everyone has the potential to benefit from a heavy bag workout. If you're reading this, you're more than qualified. Boxing can help you in a number of ways, to name a few: * Physical Strength * Stamina * Weight loss * Muscle gain * Confidence building * Coordination * Balance * Speed * Stress/anger reduction Heavy Bag Workout- How It Can Help When doing boxing training, if done properly it is possible to train almost every muscle in your body. The good thing about a heavy bag workout is that you can adjust the intensity with your ability, and what you aim to achieve.

Potential New Heart Attack Biomarker Uncovered

Though they remain a leading killer, heart attacks can be effectively treated provided they can be rapidly diagnosed following initial onset of symptoms. In a study appearing in this month's Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, researchers have identified cardiac myosin-binding protein C (cMyBP-C) as a potential new diagnostic biomarker for heart attacks, one that may be particularly valuable for mild attacks in which traditional diagnostic proteins may not be abundant enough. Currently, one of the gold-standards for diagnosis of heart attacks, or acute myocardial infarctions, is scanning for the presence of the proteins troponin I and troponin T, as they are produced specifically in the heart and are almost completely absent in the blood in healthy individuals.

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Many Dialysis Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Procedure Receive Improper Medication, With Increased Risk Of Bleeding

Approximately 20 percent of dialysis patients undergoing a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI; procedure such as angioplasty) are given an antithrombotic medication they should not receive, which may increase their risk for in-hospital bleeding, according to a study in the December 9 issue of JAMA. "In the United States, medication errors are implicated in more than 100, 000 deaths annually. Medication errors include adverse drug reactions related to inappropriately prescribed or administered drugs. To minimize inappropriate medication use, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guides pharmaceutical manufacturers and clinicians through drug labeling of which medications are contraindicated or not recommended for use in specific patient groups, " the authors write.

From Fruit Fly Wings To Heart Failure. Why Not ch ?

Almost a century after it was discovered in fruit flies with notches in their wings, the Notch signalling pathway may come to play an important role in the recovery from heart attacks. In a study published today in Circulation Research, scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy, are the first to prove that this signalling pathway targets heart muscle cells and thus reveal its crucial role in heart development and repair. The Notch pathway is a molecular mechanism through which cells communicate with each other. Scientists in Nadia Rosenthal's group at EMBL used sophisticated genetic mouse models to uncover critical roles for this pathway in heart muscle cells.

Cardio Crash Course

Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, is essential for losing weight. It's running on the treadmill, jogging, bike riding, and other things people pack the gyms to do. It exercises your heart and your lungs and burns calories. There are two rules of cardio that you must not break. A warm up and cool down is essential for good health. The next thing to determine is how hard you are exerting yourself. Measuring your heart rate is the most accurate way. This keeps you exercising at a good pace but not completely over doing it. This can be done by counting it yourself or wearing a heart rate monitor. Researchers suggest that doing cardio exercise 20 minutes for three times a week will lower your risk of heart disease.

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4 Cardio Tips to Get You in Shape Fast

Every home gym should include some type of cardiovascular equipment unless, of course, you get your cardio workout through outdoor activities. Cardiovascular fitness is achieved through aerobic training, which is defined as any exercise that requires increased oxygen consumption within the body. Below are some simple tips to achieve cardiovascular fitness through aerobic exercise. 1. Frequency You should do some form of aerobic activity at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes per session. In a perfect world, you'll be able to do five 30 minute sessions a week, but remember that doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.

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