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3 Common Cardio Myths Explored

When it comes to losing weight and building muscle there are many things you hear about cardio. Some people say you need to do it everyday for at least an hour while others say you need to do it early in the morning on an empty stomach. With this article I am going to tell you the truth about cardio. Here are 3 myths that are utter nonsense. Myth #1 - The first myth that I am sure you have heard a million times is that you have to do cardio early in the morning on an empty stomach. I personally don't know of any studies that say you will lose weight faster if you do cardio early in the morning with no food in your stomach. At the end of the day you have to do it when it works best for you.

Treadmill Incline Workout - 45 Minute Fat Blaster

If the same old, same old on the treadmill is getting to you, there's an easy way to spice things up. Try an interval or incline workout. Either are perfect for challenging your fitness level and chasing away boredom. The fact is, the more you change up your treadmill exercise program, the more you'll improve your fitness level. Fitness, in essence, is pushing through your workouts even when you're not at your best. Breaking through the mental barriers is important, since you realize the effort you put in today will pay off tomorrow and beyond. With that said, here's one of our favorite 45 minute incline workouts. It's easily adaptable for both walkers and runners, and the varying inclines will challenge even the most fit participants.

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UCSD Bioengineering Pioneer Honored For Advancing Science Across Continents

For Shu Chien - a pioneer in the growing field of bioengineering - understanding and learning the marvels of how the human body works has been the foundation of his decades-long quest to advance science and technology worldwide. The UC San Diego bioengineering professor's significant scientific endeavors have paved the way for recognition of his renowned work at the university's Jacobs School of Engineering and abroad. In honor of his outstanding achievements in physiology and bioengineering research and education, along with international acclaim as a superb scientist and scholar, the President of the Republic of China in Taiwan recently awarded Chien the 2009 Presidential Science Prize.

Which Cardio Activities Burned Calories Most Effectively?

The minimum requirement for a healthy weight loss diet is 1200 calories, as the human body detects any reduction in the number of calories consumed and goes into survival mode by slowing down the metabolic rate. This prevents the body from losing stored fat reserves and weight loss is drastically slowed down. Therefore the key to healthy weight loss is a balanced diet and exercise. Cardio or aerobic workouts are the most effective form of exercise for weight loss according to weight loss experts. Cardio workouts do not need expensive equipment or hours spent at the gym. They can be done within your neighbourhood and many cardio workouts can be adopted as interesting hobbies.

Cardiologists Repair The Heart Through The Wrist

A new approach to common cardiac procedures called transradial angiography might lead to reduced patient complications and recovery time and decreased hospital costs. Cardiologists at the University of Illinois and Jesse Brown VA medical centers are among the first in the Chicago area to offer the approach to heart angiograms and clearing blocked arteries. In the procedure, a catheter is threaded through the small radial artery in the wrist rather than the larger femoral artery in the groin. "It's a simple change that has a dramatic impact on the experience and recovery of the patient, " said Dr. Adhir Shroff, assistant professor of cardiology at UIC.

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In Home Kettlebell Circuits - The Best Cardio Workout Method Anyone Can Do at Home!

Even as a professional strength and conditioning specialist I can tell you that good cardio workouts at home become great cardio workouts at home with kettlebell circuits! Thats right, kettlebell circuits are as hard hitting of a method of cardio strength training as anyone person could do at home, or anywhere else for that matter. Read on if I have your attention. By now you have probably had some sort introduction to kettlebells either by seeing them on television, in a magazine, or ideally by me over the internet. Hopefully the latter is the case. Anyway, if you don't know much about this ancient strength and conditioning device then I will tell you that kettlebell training is a very effective means of cardiovascular training that offers you the convenience of being able to workout anywhere at any time, especially in the comfort of your own home.

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