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How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming? One of the 5 Best Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat

Swimming is a great cardio workout that almost everyone can do. Low impact, easy on the joints, and often this is an exercise that people with chronic injuries and body pains can still do. And swimming can be fun, relaxing and a great fat burning fitness exercise all at the same time. You can't say all that about jogging, at least that is my opinion. How many calories are burned swimming? Let's find out. How many calories burned swimming will depend on the intensity and of course how long you are in the pool. The great thing about swimming is the variety will keep you interested, and you can switch off between hard and fast laps, and relaxing, leisurely strokes here and there.

Kettlebells and Intervals - A Great Cardio Workout to Do at Home!

If you are looking for a hard hitting cardio workout to do at home then you have got to include a structure involving both kettlebells and intervals. So what does this mean? Well, you can either include intervals of various kettlebell exercises throughout your normal structured workouts or you can solely do a kettlebell workout with other intervals of cardio integrated throughout your workout. Either way, if you are wanting a superior cardio workout then you have to format a workout with timed intervals and the use of kettlebells. You have probably seen the kettlebell by now and realize that this ancient strength and conditioning device is very dynamic and movement based in nature.

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles - 2 Jogging Options to Consider

We've all been there... looking in the mirror and seeing those unwanted "love handles". Or maybe we have a special event we will be going to but that little black dress is just a smidgen too little nowadays. Or you're starting to notice that your favorite pair of jeans are no longer as comfortable as they used to be. So what is a good way to get rid of some of that fat around your mid-section? "Love handles" may sound like a cute term... but you sure don't look cute with them. Is there really a definitive answer on how to get rid of love handles? Start Jogging For many people, jogging is a great way to shed some unwanted pounds and inches.

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT - Burn Twice the Calories in Half the Time

High Intensity Interval training is the idea that if you alternate pushing your body in short bursts of high intensity, and then resting for a short period of time, you can actually increase the amount of weight you lose in a shorter period of time. The reason that high intensity interval training works so well is because the amount of energy (which burns calories), that you exert through short bursts is at a minimum twice as much as if you were exercising at a consistent level. A great example of high intensity interval training would be the difference between jogging and sprinting. If you were to jog down the road for 30 seconds, you would barely even start to sweat or breath hard.

Traditional Cardio is a Waste! Lose Your Stomach Fat Without It

At first glance, you may think of me as some type of anti-cardio mud slinger who's just looking for some extra attention. This couldn't be further from the truth... I actually have a valid reason for putting down the traditional cardio methods. That reason is... They just don't work! At least not well, if you're doing an exercise where you can mindlessly watch television and not have to worry about what you're doing then that's not a good thing... Keeping your mind sharp during exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. Secondly, you can save a lot of time and get a lot more done by skipping over these "cardio machines". Cardio exercise is for strengthening your cardiovascular system, therefore anything that gets your heart rate going and has you breathing heavily is the equivalent to a good cardio exercise.

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5 Great Things Aerobics Can Do For You

We all know aerobic exercise is supposed to be good for you. Whether it's running, walking, swimming, playing organized sports like soccer or basketball, hiking, using the aerobics machines at the gym or a myriad of other choices, there are numerous beneficial effects. There are actually far more than you may be aware of. Aerobics burns calories and helps with weight management, which for most of us means losing fat. You probably already knew this. What you might not have known is that most people need some aerobics in adding to dieting to lose fat. Aerobics works the heart and lungs, improving how they work, and making it less likely you'll have health problems with them.

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