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Walking Your Way to Better Health

In today's crazy, helter skelter world, walking your way to better health may be the best option and it certainly can produce the desired results. It can be difficult to find the time to get to the gym and, even if you do have a couple extra hours to commit to a workout, it can be a very expensive endeavor. Much of the time you find yourself stressed and frustrated at trying to fit that exercise session into your hectic day and coming up with the extra cash to continue when your membership expires. It is much more feasible to implement a walking program into your busy day. This doesn't necessarily mean a fast paced stroll through the park or along the boardwalk, although this is a good plan.

Amarin Corporation Announces First Patients Enrolled In Two Phase 3 Clinical Trials Assessing AMR101 For The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease

Amarin Corporation plc (Nasdaq: AMRN), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on improving the treatment of cardiovascular disease, announced that first patients were enrolled in the MARINE and ANCHOR Phase 3 clinical trials for AMR101, the Company's lead product candidate. These clinical trials are designed to demonstrate that AMR101 lowers triglyceride levels in patients with very high triglycerides (the MARINE Study) and high triglycerides in patients with mixed dyslipidemia being treated with statins (the ANCHOR Study). It is estimated that over 27 million people in the US have elevated triglyceride levels which are associated with the increased risk of developing coronary artery disease as well as being a component of certain other metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.

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High Impact Aerobics - Is it Safe For Your Joints?

There has been a lot of myths and misinformation about aerobics and in particular high impact aerobics. What is high impact aerobics anyway? Well first lets talk a bit about aerobics itself. Aerobics simply means with air, it is a sustained activity that increases the amount of your heart beats per minute and increases the amount of oxygen circulation in the lungs and by extension the body. It is great for many reason, it takes rich, oxygenated blood to the cells and muscles of the body. Increases the strength of the heart and lungs and speeds up the metabolism of the body helping you to burn more fat more effectively. An example of an aerobics activity would be running, dancing for extended duration, swimming and brisk walking, biking and skiing.

Step Aerobics - A Fast and Fun Way to Lose Weight

We all know that obesity is epidemic in North America, with the United States leading the way. The USA is the country with the most overweight people, and obese people on the planet. Almost 65% of the entire population are considered overweight and large portion are considered obese. There are many factors that contribute to a person's weight, the tools made important elements for weight maintenance and weight control is diet and exercise. Because we consume more calories than we need, our bodies will store the excess as fat. Over time our bodies will start to store more and more that which will then lead to overweight and obesity. Added to this problem is the fact that we do not get enough exercise, so we are consuming more calories than we're burning up, and we're sitting in front of the TV or the computer all day with very little activity.

Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics - Blast Off Fat and Have Sexy Fun!

We all see new health and fitness products come on the scene, and I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for Carmen Electra strip aerobics. I'm sure that like many others, you're wondering if it is just some excuse to produce and get erotic material into more people's hands, or is it a bona fide workout program that just takes a different angle. The reality is that these DVD sets are a real workout. Fitness experts, even those in outstanding shape, are all over the web bragging about how much fun they had getting a great sweat going. The discussion usually revolves around that they were surprised how hard they worked but didn't realize until they were finished.

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U-M Heart Center Hosts Tweet Chat On Heart Defect Surgeries

The public, including parents of babies with severe heart defects, are invited to submit questions for inclusion in a tweet chat about surgical approaches for heart defects from noon-2 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20 on Twitter. New research by the University of Michigan Congenital Heart Center shows infants born with a severely underdeveloped heart are more likely to survive to their first birthday when treated with a new shunt procedure - yet it may not be the safest surgery long term. Richard G. Ohye, M.D., associate professor of surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School and pediatric cardiac surgery at the U-M Congenital Heart Center, and John Charpie, M.

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