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Stroke Risk May Be Increased By Clot-Causing Heart Pouch

UC Irvine cardiologists have found a pouchlike structure inside the heart's left atrial chamber that may be a potent source of stroke-causing blood clots. About 80 percent of the 700, 000-plus strokes that occur annually in the U.S. are due to blood clots blocking a brain artery. In up to a third of these cases, the clots' origin cannot be determined. Study co-author Dr. Subramaniam Krishnan said the discovery of this left atrial pouch could provide answers and inform neurologists' efforts to prevent stroke recurrences. Krishnan and Dr. Miguel Salazar of UCI first spotted the pouch during autopsy research. Subsequent ultrasound and CT scans of patients' hearts confirmed the finding.

Traffic Pollution Exposure Causes Cardiac Changes

Even healthy people exposed to ultrafine particulate pollution associated with traffic and fossil-fuel combustion for just two hours show changes in heart rhythm and evidence of clot formation that may herald the potential for serious cardiac events, according to research from the Environmental Protection Agency. The study was published in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. "We wanted to look at the specific effects that these ultrafine particles have on healthy individuals as these particles are deposited more deeply and with greater efficiency into the lower respiratory tract and may have effects beyond the pulmonary system, " said lead author of the study, James Samet, Ph.

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The Turbulence Training Solution to Boring Cardio Workout Programs

Cardio workout programs are boring. Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training has some great solutions for making your typical cardio more fun and effective. Solution #1: Interval Training Interval training is where you perform a period of hard work followed by a period of easy work. You can use interval training with any sort of cardio equipment or activity. I like to use high intensity jump roping and shadowboxing, but you can also use a stationary bike or treadmill. According to Craig, the best time to do interval training is right after your strength training session. This way, you have 3 full training days per week. But many people have found that performing strength training and interval training every other day works just as fine.

Doctors Encourage Screening For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Men ages 65 and older who have ever smoked should have a one-time, say cardiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Men age 60 and older with a family history of abdominal aortic aneurysm should also consider screening. High blood pressure and a history of smoking can increase your chances of having an abdominal aortic aneurysm. "Aortic aneurysm ruptures are the 13th leading cause of death of men in the United States, " says Dr. Frank Arko, a cardiac surgeon UT Southwestern. "They typically strike men over the age of 65. Between 60 percent and 80 percent of patients who have an aortic rupture die before they can be treated." This type of aneurysm can cause a rupture of the aorta the largest artery in the body.

How Running For 20 Minutes on a Horizon Fitness Treadmill Could Save Your Life

You have most likely landed here because you need help. You have an issue that needs to be resolved. Maybe you are just looking for that extra motivation to lose some weight. Maybe you have high blood pressure and need a quick, healthy solution. Maybe you are suffering from sleep deprivation from constant worrying. Maybe you just need some motivation to get yourself out of bed this morning. It could be something else all together. Whatever the case may be, there is a solution. It is going to take some effort, but through the action you take after reading this your situation will improve. You just have to act. You are going to run. You are not gong to run for more than 20 minutes either.

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Why Do I Need to Use Resistance Training in My Fitness Plan?

Many people think that spending hours on the treadmill will help you lose weight and get that sculpted look. For many reasons this will not work for most people. In regard to training, whether it is for fitness or looks, any complete training regiment will include lifting weights. Cardio-vascular training does do several things that are extremely beneficial for you in the fitness realm. Many athletes would not be able to perform at the level they do without pushing themselves in cardio-vascular training to improve the way their body utilizes oxygen and processes lactic acid. Improvements in regard to cardiac stroke volume and VO2 Max. scores would not be possible if it were not for cardio-vascular training.

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