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Treadmill Interval Workout - A Forty Five Minute Challenge

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Are you looking for a challenging treadmill interval workout that won't leave you bored to tears? We've got one for you! This forty five minute interval session is ideal for runners. Let's take a closer look...

One of the biggest advantages of running on a treadmill is the controlled conditions. There is no wind, cold, scorching sun, or excess humidity.

The flip side, of course, is you have to supply more of your own motivation. You control the speed, you control the incline, and there are no landmarks in the distance to strive for. It is all on you, and that's why new and interesting treadmill workouts are always welcomed.

Running on a treadmill can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be that way. A challenging interval workout is something you can do over and over. You can keep your workout fresh by changing your running speed, striving for progressively longer distances, or both.

Here's a great 45 minute treadmill interval workout:

Workout Overview

This program sandwiches speed intervals between an ample warm up and cool down period. After warming up, you will do five sets of two minute intervals with one minute recovery after each set.

Then, you'll push it a little further by doing five sets of three minute intervals with one minute recovery after each set. The entire 45 minutes is done at a 1% incline. Here are the details...

Minutes 0-6: Start with a six minute warm up. Get yourself ready to run at the six minute mark.

Minutes 6-21: Here we go. For these fifteen minutes, you do five sets of three minutes each. For each set, run two minutes at a challenging pace, then one minute of active recovery. As an example, from minutes 6-8 you will run at a faster pace, then back it down from minute 8-9. At minute nine, start your second set and so on.

Minutes 21-41: Now you're going to push yourself a little harder. You will again do five sets, but this time each set is four minutes, meaning three minutes of challenging running and one minute of active recovery. Again as an example... minutes 21-24 are a challenging pace, then back it down from minute 24-25 for recovery.

Note the total time for this segment is twenty minutes; five sets of four minutes each (3 minutes running, 1 minute active recovery).

Minutes 41-45: Cool down!

You will find that running in two and three minute increments will increase your lung capacity, not to mention burning a lot of calories and fat. In essence, you are challenging your abilities by not simply running at one consistent pace throughout the workout.

Don't be surprised if you need time to fully adapt to this program. We recommend doing it once per week over an eight week period and then measuring your progress. Be sure to write down your total distance covered after each time. Try to increase your distance every week!

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