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Fat Loss Exercises - High Intensity Cardio Exercises For Fat Loss

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Although there is controversy amongst health and fitness experts about the best way to lose weight and what kind of fat loss exercises to do, there is one area where everyone is in agreement. To be effective, any weight loss plan must include burning more calories than have been eaten. Since there is no "one size fits all" approach, a quick search of the Internet will show thousands of different workouts and eating plans. The goal is to find one that you can consistently fit into your schedule and that works for you. This may mean trying a few different methods before finding the right fit.

It is not only calories that need to burn, but fat as well because if you just count calories and not fat calories, you may find you are burning muscle. For most people, their body's burn fat when exercising lasts at least one hour. If the exercise is cardio based, your body will pull from glycogen that is already stored for the first half hour. After that, it begins to burn the fat reserves. High intensity cardio exercises burn calories faster and raise your metabolic rate. This means that the fat burning may come faster. It is recommended that high intensity fat loss exercises are a shorter duration than slow, steady routines. Twenty to thirty minutes works best for most people, especially if they are just beginning.

These exercises burn lots of calories and boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. Try varying your high intensity workouts with some longer duration sessions at a lower intensity. This helps you to continue to burn fat rather than carbs and will not take a toll on your joints. To give yourself a chance to truly see the results, be consistent for six weeks and take before and after photos. Step aerobics is an effective way to burn fat and calories. A rigorous routine can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. It targets legs, hips and glutes.

Another favorite among fat loss exercises is bicycling. It doesn't matter if it is a stationary bike inside the gym or your home or a ride through town. Depending on resistance levels and speed you can burn 300 to 500 calories in 30 minutes. Running, rowing and using an elliptical trainer are all great cardio exercises and help build endurance. The average burn is 300 calories in 30 minutes. For those who want to kick it up a notch, try high intensity interval training. Jumping rope is simple, does not require expensive equipment and is very effective. A total body workout can be achieved in less than 20 minutes and it enhances your performance in almost any sport.

Beyond exercising, read more about how you can turn your body into a fat burning furnace with the FBF Diet Plan.

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