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High Impact Aerobics - Is it Safe For Your Joints?

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There has been a lot of myths and misinformation about aerobics and in particular high impact aerobics. What is high impact aerobics anyway?

Well first lets talk a bit about aerobics itself. Aerobics simply means with air, it is a sustained activity that increases the amount of your heart beats per minute and increases the amount of oxygen circulation in the lungs and by extension the body.

It is great for many reason, it takes rich, oxygenated blood to the cells and muscles of the body. Increases the strength of the heart and lungs and speeds up the metabolism of the body helping you to burn more fat more effectively.

An example of an aerobics activity would be running, dancing for extended duration, swimming and brisk walking, biking and skiing.

Aerobics is great for increasing fitness levels, stamina, and conditioning of the body. It helps to release many important hormones and chemicals in the body that has a beneficial effect on our state of mind.

High impact aerobics involves lots of movement, and in particular leg movement, such as step aerobics, dancing, kick boxing, running. In the past people have said that these type of movements are too stressful on your joints and body and can cause arthritis or inflammation of the joints.

But this is just not true if done in the correct way. Once you have allowed sufficient time to worm up, do at least 15 minutes of stretches, and wear proper shoes and practice common sense, there is no reason why you should not benefit from this form of exercising. This form of aerobics is very good at boosting your weight loss and rapidly increasing your metabolism rate.

So like everything else take proper precaution and build up slowly and in a few weeks you will find that you care able to do this more advance exercise routine more and more.

If you are just getting started then you should go slow for a few days and build up to more complex and advance moves. It is important to keep proper form when performing any routine in order to prevent ny injuries.

Have fun and stay fit ant the same time with a step aerobics routine that you can do in the comforts of your own home.

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