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Greater Cardiovascular Risk With Small LDL

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Small LDL (sLDL) is the most harmful form of cholesterol! People with small LDL are five times as likely to have cardiovascular disease. However, most laboratories do not test for it. Randox provides an easy to use sLDL test to help assess cardiovascular disease risk.
Early identification of predominant sLDL can help clinicians manage patients more effectively through more aggressive treatment. The test is available from Randox, and is for use on automated analysers and is no more difficult to use than a standard cholesterol test. This will result in reduction in costs and will save lives.
Randox sLDL tests employ direct clearance methodologies removing non-sLDL particles in the initial pre-treatment step. This minimises interference, increasing accuracy and precision. The high performance reagent has an intra-assay precision of less than 5% and shows excellent linearity and sensitivity.
Most sLDL assays require laborious testing methods and the ability to run Randox sLDL on automated clinical chemistry analysers reduces time and labour, ultimately reducing laboratory costs. In addition, lipid controls and calibrators are provided with the sLDL kit further reducing costs by consolidation of suppliers.
The Randox lipid profile includes total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL), LDL and apolipoproteins. Testing for sLDL in addition to the above will provide a more comprehensive picture of lipid risk factors and thus enable the clinician to tailor treatment accordingly.
Randox Laboratories
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